I Try

Madison Harper, 14, is going through a hard time. However, when a blizzard traps her in her house with her father the pastor for two weeks, she starts to try to recover. She tries.


4. Chapter Three

With a smooth and mostly invisible ice covering, the sidewalks and roads of Hellsington had become like a super-sized Slip-N-Slide of doom. Snow fell steadily, creating a thin sheet of white crystallized water vapor on everything and anything that wasn't covered. The sun hid behind a protective blanket of clouds. I supposed that somewhere Melanie was watching, too.

I wondered what she thought of what her sister had become. I'd broken off all my friendships in the past year, scared of getting hurt again. In fact, my former best friend Jacqueline Lee with her frizzy red hair and huge bust size, now annoyed me to Hell and back.

As for me, well, with earmuffs covering a small amount of my curly brown hair and my big, sad hazel eyes downcast toward the ice, I probably looked like the reflection of a sad teenage girl.

Dad was with the twins. Thank goodness, I wouldn't have been able to deal with all the toddler whining and them swinging at me with their needy fists much longer. It seemed that when I wasn't depressed, I was angry. Burning anger that made me see red and want to drive my fist through someone's face.

Now, I was trying to survive the Frozen Water of Death and Pain . . . or at least, trying not to slip. I was pretty much ice skating with my knee-high boots I got last Christmas from one of the many families that felt sorry for mine last year. I didn't need their pity and actually boycotted the stuff I got . . . but heck, I liked the boots.

This sleepy small town was taking so much out of me. It felt like I would never get out. Melanie never did, so why should I?

I tried to remain steady as I delved deeper and deeper into my inner monologuing. Why would I leave Dad, the Voice of Mom, Marina, and Malcolm? They never did anything to me. Besides kill Melanie.

The sadness gave way to anger, and I was so angry that I lost my footing and landed painfully on my back.

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