I Try

Madison Harper, 14, is going through a hard time. However, when a blizzard traps her in her house with her father the pastor for two weeks, she starts to try to recover. She tries.


2. Chapter One

I was the one that found her.

Mom told me to go get Melanie up for breakfast, so I did. I went into her room and went to shake her awake but when I didn't see her in bed I sort of panicked a little bit. Then I heard a crash in the closet, so I opened the door.

Mellie had hanged herself. The rack had collapsed under her dead weight.

I screamed.

Mom came up to ask what this was all about, with one twin on her hip and the other clutching her leg.

She screamed too.

Marina and Malcolm didn't understand, they were only two. Mom freaked out and called Dad on the phone, saying that Melanie was dead with a noose around her neck.

The only thing I could do was stand there and watch.

Mels was my best friend. Only three years separated us. She was the girl that gave me all the good advice, she was the girl I was supposed to turn to when everything went all wrong. She was the sister that I was supposed to fight with over the stupidest things and then hug and get over it.

Melanie was dead.

I didn't notice when Dad came in until he was holding my sister's dead body in his arms. I'd never seen my father cry before. But he did that day.

Without really meaning to, I began to cry as well.

As everyone mourned, a light snow began to fall.

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