I Try

Madison Harper, 14, is going through a hard time. However, when a blizzard traps her in her house with her father the pastor for two weeks, she starts to try to recover. She tries.


9. Chapter Eight

Well, the week went by and it was Monday, December 20th. Five days till Christmas. The snow didn't clear up, a power line got smashed to the ground, and I was trapped in a powerless house with my father - "No means of knowing the school closings, so why bother? All of Hellsington's out anyway." He even gave a mini-mass since we couldn't go to church on Sunday.

. . . It actually wasn't all that bad.

There were three laptops in the house, all of which could be used to watch DVDs. We tried to get to one every night. After Beetlejuice and Jurassic Park, we watched Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Notebook, etc, even Twilight! I was appalled to find that I was actually starting to get happy for the first time in over a year.

I decided to try to recover. But I'd do it myself. Alone. I didn't need help from some fancy therapist, and with my dad's pastor's income we couldn't afford it. No, I'd do this on my own.

As I sat before a journal and the candle lighting my bedroom began to die, a light rapping came on my bedroom door. "Yeah?" I called.

"Maddie, we're going to watch a movie. What do you want to watch?" Dad asked. I could tell from the inflection of his voice he was leaning against the door.

I thought about it for a moment. Last night we had two Maddie movies. "Batman Returns and Gone With the Wind?" I suggested, naming one movie he openly liked and one he secretly adored.

"All right." Dad sounded relieved that I had chosen two Dad movies. "Meet me downstairs in about five minutes. Put out the fire."

"Okie dokie!" I hollered as his footsteps faded.

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