Heart the center of love and affection and the centerof spiritual light.


1. Heart

Heart readily responds and calls

`Hey! I am here.`

the temple of God and seat of sacrifice

the consecrated pot of nectar.


Mind debates and plans

heart feels and connects

heart, the symbol of love and closeness

the bridge between humanity and divinity.


Heart, the center of inner beauty and purity

speaks silence in volumes

prompts the inner voice from within;

hides in hurt, but harms not.


The song of heart,song of life,song of breathing,

the swan song, into the infinite journey of darkness and silence;

into the heart cave of golden light.


Enclosed in the heart cave, the divine spark,subtle and blue bright,

from the fathom less depths of white light,

rises upwards to higher self and higher world,

the golden light melting all around.

`The fragrance of noble thoughts and deeds emanate from such golden hearts.`


Merged totally in swan song,mind and heart one and the same,

path traced in to the heart cave to divine spark,

cuts through deep within;

the golden dot sits therein; in the heart of blue spark.

the eternal light and the eternal bliss-the supreme soul.


The depth of love and forgiveness or the height of magnanimity of the heart is immeasurable.

An anecdote:

Possessed by a strong desire for an evil woman, on her command, an young man killed his mother and cut her heart out, and carried it in his palm to the woman. On the way he slipped and fell on a hard rock. He gave a cry in agony.His mother's heart fresh in his hand, trembled and whispered ,"Did you get hurt, my son?".


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