Bad Boy

Hello! My name is Melisa! I'm your normal 17 year old girl. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have long, wavy brown hair and green eyes. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. But I have my best friend Lisa. She is like a sister to me, I love her to death. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is gorgeous. We go to Winston High School. Lisa and I weren't the most popular girls. My live became i living hell when he came. The school bad boy.......( this is my first movella so please leave a comment telling me should i keep writing or not :) )


11. Chapter 8

He just kissed me. AGAIN!! But this time the kiss had more passion. I didn't fight it. I kissed him back. I don't know why I just felt like it. I just wanted to kiss him so bad. His lips are so soft. I know he and I know I shouldn't get involved with him. Our lips fit perfectly. It's like we are made for each other. He pushed me against the wall. Once again I was stuck between Niall and a wall. He started kissing me faster and with more passion. I started playing with his hair and I rap my legs around his waste. We didn't break the kiss. When I realized what was I doing I stopped. Niall looked at me confused." What's wrong. Why did you stop?" We were trying to catch our breath."Niall this is wrong. This is really, really wrong. I just can't." After that he put me down and I left without saying a word.That was a BIG mistake.

Niall P.O.V

I don't know why she stopped. I saw it in her eyes and the way she kissed me. She feels the same way. But way is she so afraid? First she kissed me like for the last time and the she tells me that she can't do it. No matter what those lips have to be mine. I can't stop thinking about those lips. The rest of the day the smile didn't come down from my face. Tonight I was going to go to her place and talk to her about the kiss and tell her everything I fell about her. And she will be mine. Josh won't be able to get her.


Lisa P.O.V

I was waiting for Mel to come. She texted me that there was something important. When she came she was so mad." Hey? What's the matter? Why are you mad?"."I kissed Niall." I just couldn't believe my ears." YOU DID WHAT?!?!?"." Lisa I know it's bad but.. He kissed me and I just felt like it. I just wanted to kiss him so bad. His lips are just perfect. They are so soft and I can still feel them on mine." I just sat there with my jaw drop open." Melisa he is a player. He will just break your heart. Like I said he is no good."." I have to think. I'm going home. Can I call you tonight?"." Yeah of course.". She left and I decided to have a little talk with Horan. I knew what lesson he had. It was the end of the lesson so the bell rang and everybody got out. I saw Niall and went straight to him." Niall we have to talk. NOW!"." You are Mellisa's bestfriend Lisa right?"." Yeah that's me. And we have to talk about Melisa. Listen I know your games. In the end you will just brake Melisa's heart. Do that and I will kill you. I don't want you going near her. You are no good for her. So I repeat myself don't go near her."." Lisa I won't hurt Melisa. I will never hurt her. I love her. So don't tell me to stay away from my princess." His princess? She doesn't even know what she feels about him?" I just wanted to tell you one thing. Hurt my sister and break her heart and I will kill you. Got it? I smiled at him and left. Well I hope he got the message. I was happy with myself.

(A/N Here's the next chapter. Hope you guys like it. Leave me a comment telling me do you like it or nor. Like, favourite. Love you guys sooooo much!!!!)
-Teddy xoxoxo

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