Bad Boy

Hello! My name is Melisa! I'm your normal 17 year old girl. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have long, wavy brown hair and green eyes. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. But I have my best friend Lisa. She is like a sister to me, I love her to death. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is gorgeous. We go to Winston High School. Lisa and I weren't the most popular girls. My live became i living hell when he came. The school bad boy.......( this is my first movella so please leave a comment telling me should i keep writing or not :) )


34. Chapter 27

When I woke up I saw that Niall was still asleep. I got up and without waking him up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix my hair. When I was done I got out and saw that Niall was awake and was looking for something."Ni, is everything okay?"."Yeah I was just looking for you!"he said and hugged me. "Why are you up so early?"he asked looking at the clock it was 6 a.m. "I can't sleep." I said and frowned. "Why? Are you worried about something?"he said and stroke my cheek."No it's just... I don't know either. I can't just sleep."."If you want I can call the boys and we can do something. Ooor we can do something just the two of us!". He started kissing me and pulled my shirt up removing it. I was only in my underwear. He slide his hands to my waist and brought me closer to him not stopping kissing me. He continued kissing me down on the neck and I just giggled:"Isn't it a bit early?"I asked taking of his shirt. "Nope! So what do you choose?"he asked continuing the kisses down my neck. I pulled away and kissed his lips passionately:"Call the boys!"."You're awful!" he said and laughed. "I love you too! But can youy let me go now? I have to get dressed."."Or I can help you get dressed."."No I can get dressed.". I started getting dressed while he was watching me."Aren't gonna get ready?"."I prefer watching you!"he said and leaned his head to the side."Then I guess I'm going out alone with the boys?"."I'm getting ready!" he answerd and started getting ready. After 5 minutes he was done. He called the boys and we decided to meet in the park. Niall and I decided to walk. We laughed all the way to the park. When we got there we saw only Lou and Harry. "Hey! Where are Zayn and Liam?"asked Niall." I don't know. They said the had work and couldn't come. So it's just us. How are you, Mel?"asked Lou and hugged me. "Great! How about you guys?"."We're fine." said Harry and hugged me too. We started walking towards a cafe. When we sat down we started talking about all sorts of stuff. 


*skipping all the talk*


Harry's phone started buzzing."Um..guys I have to go."."Where?"asked Lou."Um.... Lisa texted me.". I saw him blush. Niall and Lou still didn't understand why was he blushing and why was he so nervous. But I got it."Oh my God! Just go I know my bestfriend and I know what she wants right now!"he blushed even more and he left saying goodbye."And what would be thing she wants?" asked Lou clearly interested." Sex."I said calmly. The both started laughing. "How do you know she wants that?"asked Niall." Because she isn't me and it's obvious she loves him." They laughed again and we continued talking. About 10 minutes after Harry left I saw that Niall got a message too. "Babe, I have to go!"."Is everything okay? Who was that?"."No one special. But I have something to care of. Can you come over about eight ?"."Yeah sure."I said wondering from who was the text."Love you!"he kissed me and left."Do you know anything?"I asked looking at Lou. "Nope. Are you okay? Niall told me you can't sleep. Is there something bothering you?"."When did he tell you?"."When he called me to ask if we wanna meet. He said you didn't tell him anything. I know if there is something that you want to protect him from you won't tell him. But you can tell me. Is there something?"he asked looking worried."Well he knows but still. Last night I went out with Josh as you probably know."he just nodded in response."Well he took me to the restaurant were was our first date and he was nice. But after that he started telling me some sort of stuff like Niall wasn't good enough for me. he was the one I needed. Niall didn't love me and he couldn't protect me and etc. I told him that that wasn't true. That he loves me and he can protect me. After that Josh said that he didn't protect me when the thing with Richi and Ostin happened. How does he know about that?" I asked Lou knowing he didn't have the answer but still. "I have know idea. Stranger is that I or the boys haven't seen them in a lot of time. Which I'm not happy to say is very bad."."Why?"I askes scared. "Because when Richi and Ostin aren't around that means they are up to something. Something big and bad."."Do you think Josh has something to do with it?"."I don't know. Maybe. I mean I've seen how was he acting around you before you and Niall, when you started dating Niall and after that. Suddenly he wants you back and starts acting like an angel. It's not normal."."Wait. I know this is not what we are talking about but... you were watching me long time ago. Before me and Niall? I didn't even know you guys. How?"." Well, Niall watched you for a long time and he asked us to keep an eye on you becuase he knew about you and Josh. So yeah that's all. The point is Josh has something to do with all this. And we don't know what and that's very bad."."So we just have to find out."."Yes but how?"."Maybe if I get close with Josh we can find out."."No! I'm not letting you do that. Neither will Niall and the boys."."Fine then another plan.". We started thinking."I guess there is only one way." said Lou."And that would be?"."We have to find Ostin and Richi and find out ourselves."."No!"."There's no other way, Melisa! We have to!"."I said no! None of you are gonna find them or anything like that."."What do you want. Just to sit around and wait for them to make their move? It can even get worse, Mel!"."Lou I don't want you gettin in trouble. Or any of the boys! Okay?" I said and I took his hand in my. "Okay. But I still thnik it's the best way of finding out."."Can we just stop talking about that?"."Okay you wanna go see a movie?"he asked."Sure."I smiled and we paid and left. We started walking towards Lou's house. When we got there I saw that it was huge. Like Niall's."Wow." I said amazed and he just laughed. We decided to watch 'Finding Nemo". We made popcorn and sat on the couch. We laughed a lot and we had fun. After the movie Lou started telling me all sort of jokes and I couln't stop laughing. I even had tears in my eyes. He was like a brother to me. We went for ice cream later and we walked in the park again. It was amazing. Th day passed by and when I loocked at the time I saw that it was 6 p.m. I've got left only two hours until I meet Niall. I hugeed Lou goodbye and I started walking home. When I got home I saw that my parents weren't home. I went straight to my room and got ready. I put on my skinny black jeans, a white v neck T-shirt and my white Addidas. I put on a little bit mascara and I was done. I saw that it was 7.45 so I took my phone and started walking towards Niall. When I got there I knocked on the door. Nobody answered so I pushed the door only to see it was unlocked. When I got in I saw that there were rose petals on the floor. They were leading to the living room and upstairs. I decided to check first the living room. When I got in I saw that there was a card on the table. It said:" In the bedroom, princess!" I started walking towards the bedroom. When I got in I didn't see Niall I only saw that there was a heart from rose petals on the bed and another  card. It said:"Now come down in the garden! <3". I smiled and went in the garden. When  I got there I saw Niall waiting for me there with a red rose. "Ni, what is all this?"I asked with tearing eyes. " Can't I just show my girl from time to time how much I love her?"he answered and opened his arms for me to hugg him. I didn't wait for a second invitation. I hugged him so tight I never wanted to let him go. "You have no idea how much I love you!" he said and kissed the top of my head. "I love you too!"I said now crying."Baby, don't cry."."I just love you so damn much!". He laughed and pulled away a little bit so he was looking me in the eyes and he kissed me so passionately. He never kissed me with so much passion. With love yes and with passion. But this much love and passion NEVER. I felt so safe in his hands. That's when Josh's words came up in my mind:"Did he protect you when Richi rapped you?". I smiled and said in my mind:'Yes he did! And he still is and he will always will!" Now I know he will be always next to me and protecting me from everything. In this moment I knew... I knew he was the one. He was my Prince Charming that will keep me safe and tell me everyday that he loves me. When I'm sad and crying he will be the one telling me he loves me and that eveything will be alright. He is the reason and always will be for my smile, for my laughter. He is and always will be the reason for me to live! 


(Here's another chapter! What do you guys think? Is it alright? Leave me a comment telling me that. Like and fave. Love you all! )

-Teddy xoxoxo 

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