Bad Boy

Hello! My name is Melisa! I'm your normal 17 year old girl. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have long, wavy brown hair and green eyes. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. But I have my best friend Lisa. She is like a sister to me, I love her to death. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is gorgeous. We go to Winston High School. Lisa and I weren't the most popular girls. My live became i living hell when he came. The school bad boy.......( this is my first movella so please leave a comment telling me should i keep writing or not :) )


33. Chapter 26

..he said and stand in front of me being the overprotective boyfriend:" If she comes back crying or hurt I swear I will kill you without hesitating!!". Okay I was hoping that would be a joke. It's like he read my mind."I am not kidding!"he said."Okaaay now. Bye, baby , see you later!" I said and kissed him on the cheek, and I left with Josh. We jumped in the car and we left.

*skipping the ride*


We finally stopped at a restaurant. It was the restaurant were we had our first date." I thought this was the best place."he said while looking at me worried. "I don't mind." I said a little bit lying. Why would he bring me here? When we were together he would usually bring me here when we got in a fight and he wanted to say he was sorry. We sat at a table in the corner of the restaurant. A table far away from the door If I have to leave and a table where no one almost saw us. Perfect! "So how are things going with Niall?" he asked a little bit sad." Actually they are going perfect. I'm very happy with him."." I was afraid you would say that."."Why?"."Because I brought you here to say sorry. To tell you that I regret everything that I have done to you. To tell you that I regret for causing you so much pain. I want you back!"he said and while he was telling me all this he was looking me in the eyes. He wasn't lying. "Look, Josh! I really appreciate all of this but I am happy with Niall. I love him and I can't just leave him. Besides I'm really sorry but I don't love you anymore. You cheated on me and you acted like an asshole. And now you expect me to forgive you and leave Niall to be with you." I said amazed."Well I was hoping. I mean you can't also leave eveyrthing we had.". the waiter came to take our order. After we order we waited for him to leave and continue. "Josh I'm really sorry but I left it long time ago. You hurt me and I ended it. I can't be again with you. You brought me here! Not only to say sorry and to ask me to get back together. Because you remembered why we always came here." I saw a smile crack on his face."You remember! You see. You still love me. Just leave Niall and be with me, baby! Come on I know we can work thing out. We don't have to be like this."." Josh, didn't hear what I said? I LOVE Niall! Not like I LOVE him. And I won't leave him because of you."."Melisa he can't protect you. I can!". That's when the waiter came with our drinks. "Why do you think he can't protect me? He is protecting me!!"I said angry."Oh really. Did he protect you when Richi rapped you?"."W-what? How do you know about that?" I asked shocked. "I have my ways. So tell me did he protect you then? I think not! If you were mine I would never let that happen." he said and he took my hand in his. I pulled my hand away from his:" It was my choice. I told him to stay away because I didn't want him to get hurt. He was and still is and always will protect me."." The point is he let that happen to you. To his girl. The girl he loves. If he even loves you!" My jaw dropped open."He loves me!! What's wrong with you? First you act like a total ass hole, then you want me back and act all nice and kind. Suddenly you start telling some shit about me and my boyfriend. I really don't understand you!"I said and standed up and started walking towards the door. He paid and came along."I just want you back and right now I am showing you that Niall isn't the guy for you. He isn't protecting you, he's hurting you, he's yelling at you! That doesn't sound like a good boyfriend to me!"."Josh, he's the right guy for me. You aren't. Niall isn't hurting me you were the one hurting me. And you still are. I want to go home. This night was a big mistake and I'm not going to make that mistake again. It's all your fault the night turned out that way!" I said and started walking towards home. Half way home I phoned Niall to come and pick me up. After about 5 minutes he came."Princess, is everything okay?"he asked as I got in the car."Can we talk home?"."Sure."he said. When we got home we sat on the couch in the living room. "What happened?" he asked and hugged me bringing me closer to him. "It was strange. First he took me to the restaurant were was our first date and were we used to go when we got in a fight and he wanted to say sorry. He was nice at first. Then he started telling me that he wants me back, that you weren't good enough for me, he was. That you weren't protecting me and that you don't love me."."Princess, you know it's not true. You know I love you more than anything in this world!"."I know but....Niall..he knew about Richi and what he had done to me." I saw his face go pale for a second." Strange!"."I know! How does he know?" I asked scared remembering about that day."Don't worry, baby! I will never let anything like that happen to you again. I'll find out. Okay?".Okay." I said and kissed him. How did Josh knew about Richi..........


( Here's the new chapter. Sorry for the late update. Tell me what do you think? Like and fave! love you!)

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