Bad Boy

Hello! My name is Melisa! I'm your normal 17 year old girl. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have long, wavy brown hair and green eyes. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. But I have my best friend Lisa. She is like a sister to me, I love her to death. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is gorgeous. We go to Winston High School. Lisa and I weren't the most popular girls. My live became i living hell when he came. The school bad boy.......( this is my first movella so please leave a comment telling me should i keep writing or not :) )


29. Chapter 23

I watched television until it got time to go to school. When it was 7:00 a.m. I took my bag and started walking towards school. When I got there I saw Niall waiting me at the school gate."Hey, princess!" he said and kissed me."Hey. Are you okay? What were those questions yesterday?" I asked him. He just smiled at me:" Well questions like questions. I just wanted to see if you're okay."."Oh okay. Um Niall.....I heard about Lisa and"."It's okay! Harry is nothing like me. She'll be fine." and he put his arm around my shoulders and I wrapped my hand around his waist. We started walking towards school."Niall, are you sure you're okay? You look nervous."."Yeah I'm fine." he kissed me on the temple. The day passed slowly. It was finally lunch time. I saw Lisa waiting for me."Hey, Lisa! How are you?"."Great. You?"."Um...I don't know. Worried?"."Why?"."Niall is acting strange these days. I don't know what's wrong with him. He doesn't tell me too. He was asking me strange questions yesterday and today he looked nervous but still he tells me everything is okay. What should I do?" She looked panic for a second:" I don't know. Maybe you shouldn't ask him more about that? If he is doing a surprise?" she looked worried to." What's going on?" I asked."Nothing. Why do you ask?"."Well. First you panicked when I told you about Niall and second you look worried like him. What's going on? Is there something I need to know?" I asked. "NO!" she said. Okay now this is the wrong answer:" Lisa, what's going on? Where's Niall?" She just smiled at me. A fake smile. That means something bad! I just turned around and started walking towards the door."NO!Mel, wait!" I stopped and turned around so that I was facing Lisa."Are you gonna tell me what 's going on or should I find out by my self?" she thought for a minute."I can't tell you. It's a surprise."." A bad one?"."No. Of course not! Let's just wait for Niall here, okay? He should probably be here soon." she started pulling me towards a table. We sat down and she started talking about Harry. I didn't really payed attention to her. I knew she was lying. We were best friends for ages. She thought she could lie to me. No way!"Hey, Lisa. Be right back."."Where are you going?"." I have to go to the bathroom. Chill!" I got up and started walking towards the bathroom. When I turned around and saw that she wasn't looking at me I started walking towards the cafeteria door. I started  looking for Niall. I searched the hole school but I didn't find him. Maybe he's outside? I started walking towards the school door. That's when Lisa jumped in front of me."Bathroom! Yeah right!"."Where's Niall?" I asked her angrily."He'll be here soon. Come on let's go back!"."No! I will wait him in front of school." I said and got out from school.

Niall P.O.V 

It was finally lunch time. It was time I just hopped Melisa doesn't find out. Well Lisa will keep her busy. We found Richi waiting Ostin in the back of the school. He is such an idiot. He didn't even found out that we sent him the message."Well look whose her. Who are you waiting for? Your brother?" said Liam. When he saw us he panicked. He was alone. 5 to 1. I now it's a little unfair but he will think next time about touching my girl. We surrounded him. He had no chance. He couldn't escape too." You know you're playing unfair right?."Yeah I know. But you played unfair too when you took my girl." I started walking towards him. I punched him in the stomach and he fell to the ground. I caught him by the neck and pushed him towards the wall. I punched him in the stomach several times. When I let go of his neck he fell to the ground again. I continued punching him. In the face, in the stomach. Suddenly I felt two arms grabbing me by the shoulders and pulling me away from Richi. When I turned around I saw it was Harry:"Okay that is enough. We wanted to scare him not to kill him." When I faced Richi I saw that he was almost unconscious. He looked at me with fear. That's what I wanted. I knelt in front of him:" Next time you or you brother touch Melisa again I will kill both of you!" and I left."What re you gonna tell her?" asked Zayn."I have a plan. We just have to go to the flower shop."."The flower shop?" asked confused Lou."Yes." We started walking towards the flower shop. I bought her a red rose. When we went back to school  I saw her and Lisa in front of school. I hide the rose behind my back and we continued walking towards them:"Hey, girls! Why are you outside?" asked Liam."There they are!" said Lisa."What do I have to know,Niall?" she said." That I love you!" and I pulled the rose from behind my back. 


Melisa P.O.V 

Lisa and I were having a fight. She was lying to me and not telling me where the boys are. Then we heard Liam's voice. They finally came."Hey, girls! Why are you outside?" asked Liam."There they are!" said Lisa."What do I have to know, Niall?" I asked Niall."That I love you!" he said and pulled a red rose from behind his back."Oh my god! Babe, I love you too!" I said and took the rose and hugged him. When we pulled away I kissed him.He pressed his forehead against mine and kissed my nose.Finally everything is okay. Well except one thing. Lisa and Harry's date. I was worried about her. The day passed by. I told my parents that I was gonna stay at Niall. So we went home and I wished Lisa good luck. 

Lisa P.O.V


School was finally over. It was time for my date with Harry. I hugged Melisa goodbye and she wished me good luck. Harry came."Are you ready,Lisa?" he asked. I nodded and we started walking towards the park. We ate ice cream and laughed. We when to the fountains. It was amazing. He was a really nice guy. Everything is perfect. It got late so he said he will walk with me home. We didn't stop talking all the way home."Thank you, Harry. It was amazing."."I hope that we could maybe go out sometimes again?" he asked." Sure." I said and unlock my door."Wait..!" he said and stopped me. I turned around and he started leaning forward. The next second I felt his lips on mine. The kiss was amazing. I never felt that way!"Goodnight." and he left. I locked the door and smiled like an idiot. I'm gonna remember this night forever! I had to call Melisa and tell her what happened. I called her but she hung up. Strange! I'll tell her tomorrow. I went to bed and fall asleep with Harry in my head.

Melisa P.O.V

We arrived at Niall's place. When we got inside he started pulling me straight to his bedroom."Why are we here?" I asked laughing."Because I want to show you how much I love you!" he said and started kissing me and pulling my shirt up."Niall...". He stopped:' You know if you aren't feelling ready you don't have to do it."."No! I just wanted to tell you that I love you too.". I kissed him and I took his shirt of. He started kissing me on the neck and took of my shirt to and my shorts. He pushed me on the bed and continued kissing me on the stomach. Then again my lips. I took of his pants. I heard my phone ring. I saw it was Lisa:'Sorry,Lis!" I said and hung up. Niall just laughed at me and we continued kissing each other. Everything happened so fast. It was amazing. I loved him so much! He knew it was my first time. He was so delicate."Babe, are you okay? Did I hurt you?" he asked worried."I'm fine. I love you!" and I kissed him." I love you too!" Everything was perfect!! My phone light up. I got a message. It said..........

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-Teddy xoxoxo 

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