when logan moves to a new school she meets the bad boy Austin but will Austin change or will she?????


6. chapter 6


oh no! i thought. how did he find us.

"i-is that?" logan asks

"yes" i say nervously

"what is he going to do to us?" logan whispers scared out of her mind

"i dont know" i whisper back

"where are you. im only getting angrier" my brother jack says

i walk out to where he can see me.

"what. do you want" i ask plainly

"oh there you are" he says smirking

"what do you want from me?!? I gave you what i wanted!! what possibly do you want?!?" i shout

" i want it."

"want what?"

he points next to me and i look to my surprise and there's logan. she is stiff and scared.

"w-why do you want me?" she asks shuddering




why does he want me?? im so scared out of my pants right now.

"we did resarch on you and it turns out your dad is in one of the top branches of government. and you have all the codes. we can hack into and get tons of money"

oh no he didnt.

"uh for your information. I only know what and where my dad works. i have no idea what stuff he knows. he never tells me. he knows that he will get fired even for telling his family members. he cant give anything out. and why does every one think i know the stuff. its like in the movies. ugh." i say annoyed and angery.

"oh i bet you dont" he says smirking still.

He runs up to me but ive been in football before and i dodge him quick and kick him in the back. then one of his other buddies comes behind me and i elbow him as hard has i can in the stomach. Then max grabs me and i leg sweep him. Then Austins gang comes to help. We loaded a beat down on them. BAM! WHAT! Then when were done we run out and hop in the van and leave.

"what are we going to do now. My parents have no idea where i am! My life is over."

"hey" austin says pouting playfully


"you have us. so your life is not that bad"

I laugh. Yeah. I guess I do.

"yeah Austin what are we going to do?" asks zack

"I don't know" Austin says thinking.

"I hope we don't have to leave town" I say


"I'm sorry logan but this is the worst he has ever done. we might have to. I've done it twice but it was for like a couple of days. If he going after someone and plains on doing this ive got to get you out of here. this is not a thing you want my brother to do. once he's got a target he wont go down until he find it and gets what he wants."

"ok. so if we have to then lets go." she says

"do you want to stop by your house and get some new fresh clothes?" asked zack

"yeah but if my parents are home they wont let me leave because I was gone for a long time" she says "so I guess ill have to sneak in" she also says smirking



"so you agree?" I ask

"awww she coming off like one of us" john says

I laugh.

"ok drive a block from m house and ill do the rest" I say to the boys as they pull in my neighborhood.

ok I thought you can do this. my heart is racing right now as I get out of the car. I try to keep quiet as I go behind houses and the small little woods. when I reach my house I see that my mom is home and my dad is still at work. how do I know is because my mom always leaves the garage door open and my dad is usually in it but he is not. I always leave my window unlock (I know someone could break in how stupid of me but I act like I lock it so whoever is watching me has no one can get in) anyways I climb up the back of the house open the window quietly and quietly placed my feet on the carpet. I grab a bag, then grabs two pairs of jean shorts, a Michigan sweatshirt, two shirts, a couple pairs of socks, my deodarent (or else ill stink and I have no idea how to spell it......don't judge me:P) then I grab a red beanie and another hat, some underwear(don't judge me) and I think that's all. then I quickly and quietly close the window and hop down the back of the house. the I run to the van.

"well that was fast" said alex

"well I had to" I said "now drive"

so were off.


man were driving for a long time I think were all worn out. I know I am. zack is already asleep, johns getting ready to and alex and Austin are just talking man im dieing for coffee right now.

"hey alex" I say


"can we get some starbucks before we leave" I ask like a little kid "pwease"

"oh fine" he sighs


when we stop I tell him my order and also alex and Austin ordered. but Austin got the same thing as me.huh. we are like twins..but I hope not. we het our order and im enjoying it. ahhh starbucks who dosent love it. then as im lost in trail of thought Austin hops in the back with me.

"well hi" I say

"hey" he says

then its just akward silence. MAN I hate akward silence. I finish my coffee in about five minutes. ha that's how much I love it. then I throw the empty cup at Austin. hehe.

"hey" he says playfully and throws it back. now we keep just throwing it at each other laughing. then when I threw it way off we charge to get it and knock into ach other. we just lay there looking at each other.



man she is so pretty. I just love her. as we are laying here she picks up the cup and throws it at me. she giggles.

"hey" I say playfully with a pout

"what" she says

I lean in and kiss her. I grab her cheek gently and she wrappes her arms around my neck. (* omg how romantic I was literally blushing while writing this*)

"why wont you two get a room and have fun there instead of in the van" alex shouts

we break and logan giggles.

"really alex you just broke the mood" I say

"well it looked like you two wanted some fun"

"hey. im not a whore" logan says

I chuckled. then alex laughed. as we are driving logan lays on top of me with her head on my chest and he rest of her body next to me and she falls asleep. then I lay there with my arm wrapped around her and fall asleep thinking about her.


hey guys tell me what you think of this story please. I need to know what you guys think. thanks for reading my stories guys. LOVE Y'ALL

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