when logan moves to a new school she meets the bad boy Austin but will Austin change or will she?????



after about 5 minutes I'm so tired I fall asleep.

"get up sleepy head" I hear someone say
I opened my eyes to find Austin. yay-i thought sarcasmly. but it took me a couple of minutes to process where I am. then Austin is on top of me!!

"what are you doing?!?"I yell "get off me!!"
"shhhhh" he says putting his hand over my mouth.
I quiet..because I'm scared. he uncovers my mouth.
"what are you going to do to me?" I ask almost in a whisper, scared out of my mind.
he just evil one.
"please don't hurt me" I whisper with a tear coming down my cheek.
he grabs my cheek gently and wipe it off. "I won't" he says calmly and starts to lean in..but I got so scared I ........
woke up. 'oh it was only a dream'-I thought. I wonder what time it is?? I don't care..I'm still to tired. Hey! Don't judge me!for all I know it could have been 5 minutes.
any ways I fall back asleep.
I woke again and this time it felt like hours.
"oh look who's awake!" Alex says
Alex is such a terrible flirter at some points.
I just grunt but cutely.
"can I be untied? my wrists are feeling weird and this rope is itchy" I ask
Zack looks at Austin and Austin nods his head. so Zack comes and unites but whispers in my ear..
"I would leave you tied because you look sexy in it. that's why I stare and lick my lips"
'EWWWW.GROSS.DISGUSTING.EEEEEEWWWWWEEEEE!' I must have made a face because every one else was staring at me.
"what?" john said
"" I say to Zack
"oh I'll only get closer"he says smirking. I gag.
"ewww"I say about to throw up.
the guys are starring again and Austin gets ready to ask something but I cut him off.
"don't ask"I say sternly
he puts his hands up.
"but I have a question. what we you going to do to me? because I'm bored" I say
"oh after we saw you fight we were discussing about you being in the crew while you were sleeping" john said
"uh it ain't happening.for one I don't want to be like that and for another, my mom works for government, and my dad is a sheriff so they'll find out"
they just stare at me. "what?" I asked confused
"your'parents" john said
"yeah I have them.What about them?"
"they don't like people like us!"Austin said
"well they won't be home for a while. and what time is it?"
"my parents won't be home for another two hours"
Austin just stares at me. and I stare at him for a few seconds and when I look at hi she they lock both of ours. its like..its like...I can't explain it but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I quickly look away and start to blush. in embaressment. the room was in an aqward silence. then someone banged on the door. we all jumped. when alex opened the door a person with a gun appeared.
"what are out doing here." austin said angry.
"can to get the rest" the man said
"we gave you the rest jack!" Austin shouted
then the man or jack looked at me. then smiled. I was scared! I almost crapped my pants?
he walked over to me. all I was watching was the gun. then he stopped right I front of me. I looked up.
"well hello" he said looking at me from up to down and up again. checking me out. great. "and what do we have here" he said swiping his finger up from under neath my chin.
"leave her alone." Austin said angry as could be..and it scared me.
"oh why. shes to precious" jack said. he looked about 18 the least and 20 the oldest."boys" he Hollard. then 3 guys came in.  and about the same age range too.
"ooooo I like this chick" on man said
"don't call me chick. its stupid" I say
"uh excuse me? were you talking to me?"
"uh yeah who else would I be talking to a wall?"
"come here out little.." he came words me. I stood IP and backed away in fear.
"NO!" Austin yelled and dove for the man and tackled him down.
I just stood there in shock. did he save me?
"oh. I see" jack said looking t me smiling away
"w-what?" I ask
"oh you don't know?" he said "hehe your coming with me"
he came twards me"no,NO, please no!" i say backing up
"STOP!" Austin yelled
"quiet! she is coming with me or else!" jack said pointing his gun at Austin.
he comes closer. I do not move because of his threat to Austin. "come here" he says
so I walk words him. he puts his hand on my back and gently pushes me words the other men.
"don't you even think about it Austin.....or I will" jack says pointing the gun to Austin.
then we leave.

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