Ally is a normal girl with reddish hair and bright green eyes. She goes on a cruise with her family for her 15th birthday. She has a 19 year old brother named Peter.

They get stranded on an with island and struggle to survive. Whet happens when they find out someone else from the wreck survived? Read to find out!....


3. Someone else survived?

That night, we slept in the soft grass up on a hill. It smelled sweet and a little salty. Peter laid down next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and stared up at the stars. As I drifted off to sleep I heard Peter humming. He hugged me tight and wished me goodnight.

When I woke up the next morning on the grass I freaked out, forgetting where I was.

"Oh ya..." I muttered to myself. "I'm stuck on an Island" I sighed and rolled over. I saw Peter trying to start a fire. He had a pile of sticks and some kind of black rock and a gray one. He struck them together continuously but nothing happened. About the 15th time striking then together he got a spark that landed on the pile of leaves. The sticks started a nice little fire.

"Nice" I snorted. Complimenting him on taking so long to start the tiny fire.

"Oh! Your awake" he seemed startled

"Sadly" I mumbled sitting up."I hope we are not stuck here forever"

Peter groaned,"ya this place is huge. But at least we have it all to our selfs."

My stomach growled furiously.

"Uh I'm so hungry!" I complained.

"Ya I know" he groaned,"we need to find something to eat soon"

"That's a good idea!" I stood up and looked around. I grabbed peters arm and ran down the hill and down to the beautiful beach. I let go of his hand once we got close to the water.

"At least this place is beautiful!" I hugged Peter. He hugged be back but suddenly pulled away.

"Ally!!! Look!!!" He was pointing to a group of trees which was pretty far away from us. Under one of those trees was a person. Girl or boy? I couldn't tell from this far. We ran on the beach to the group of trees. It was a boy. His blond hair covered his face. I gently brushed it with my fingers. He moaned and moved a little bit. He had a pretty bad cut on his arm.

"I guess someone else from the wreck survived!" Whispered Peter. The look on his worried face told me he was shocked. To be honest, I was too. It seemed to be pretty bad. I'm still shocked that we survived.

"Ya...." I whispered back,"do you think he will be ok? That cut on his arm doesn't look so good"

Peter took a piece of his shirt just like he did for me. I gently held the boy's arm while Peter wrapped it. We stayed there under the tree. We could not just leave him there all by himself. After sitting there for about 2 hours, the boy started to stir. His eyes fluttered open. He looked around breathing heavily at first. Then, remembering where he was, he calmed down.

"Uh....hey I'm ally" I said smiling at him.

"I guess you guys are from the crash too?" He asked. He started looking at us suspiciously.

"Yup" replied Peter with a shrug," oh ya by the way, I'm Peter"

"Alex" he said. He looked at me,"What happened to your head?"

"I got hit with some piece of wood or something" I shrugged,"what about your arm?" I pointed to his now bandaged arm.

"....Oh" he said raising his eye brows "I don't really remember that....did uh... Who wrapped it?"

"I did!" Said Peter proudly

"Thanks" I could tell Alex was really thankful.

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