Ally is a normal girl with reddish hair and bright green eyes. She goes on a cruise with her family for her 15th birthday. She has a 19 year old brother named Peter.

They get stranded on an with island and struggle to survive. Whet happens when they find out someone else from the wreck survived? Read to find out!....


4. Just another day on that 'Great'(not) island

I woke up to the early lights of the day

'Were am I?' I thought then I rembered, The cruise gone wrong, mom and dad dead, Alex and her and her Brother surviving. I moaned.

"Ally? You ok?" asked Alex

I nodded and touched the spot on my head were the bump was. It was going down and it didn't hurt a lot anymore.

"Time for Breakfast!" Said peter

I looked up and saw Peter with some fruit and some water.

With a sigh I sat up and picked up a mango.

I took a bite, It was good!!
"Mmmmmm" I said through a mouthful

Peter smiled happily


It had been about a hour sense breakfast and we were working hard. We had decided to make a hut for us to stay in and so Alex and I gathered wood while Peter Wove the hut. We were working on the walls right now.

personally I never knew that building was so hard.

I had tried to get cell service on my phone to text or call the boat or to signal a helicopter, not that any have passed of course.

I moaned. I really hope we can go swimming after this. I thought with a giggle.

"Ouch!" Said Alex, I looked at him. He had a splinter in his arm. Personally I think everyone has splinters in their arm but I didn't say anything about that I just said

"Here, Let me help" I had the longest nails so I could easily pull it out.

After it was out we gathered up the wood and walked back to our soon-to-be hut.   

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