Ally is a normal girl with reddish hair and bright green eyes. She goes on a cruise with her family for her 15th birthday. She has a 19 year old brother named Peter.

They get stranded on an with island and struggle to survive. Whet happens when they find out someone else from the wreck survived? Read to find out!....


2. cruise gone wrong

By the Second day on the cruise, we where all settled in, and ready to enjoy the week. There was so much to do! There was a pool, games, amazing food, craft areas, and plenty of other awsome opportunities.


At breakfast, Peter started to get excited about the day.

"I'm gonna go to the pool after breakfast!" He said merrily, "hopefully there will be some girls there"

"Ew peter" I scolded playfully,"you are gonna meet your girlfriend at MY birthday cruise?" I shook me head pretending to be disappointed,"pathetic"

"Oh, shush!" He giggled.

"Whatever" I mumbled laughing to myself.

After breakfast, Peter went to the pool, just like he said he would.


I wanted to go to the drawing area. They where teaching about how to cartoon at 10:30 and it was 10:25 so, I started making my way over.

I passed by the pool on my way. I saw Peter by the pool with a girl. He had a float with him and I have no idea where he got it. I looked at Peter. He was smiling at me but all of a sudden he looked terrified and I heard a big "CRASH!!!"

Everything went black. I heard Peter yell something but I couldn't quite make it out. I felt cool water touch my skin. Then everything was gone.


When I woke up I was on a beach. My head really hurt. I could hear the waves very faintly. I could see a boy leaning over me. Everything was blurry and I couldn't figure out where I was. He said somthing. I could not understand what he said. He said to rest or somthing. So I closed my eyes.

When I woke up again, Peter was picking me up. I tried to move but I was really weak.

"Peter..." I managed to say

He looked so happy,"ally oh my Gosh your ok!"

He set he down on the sand and hugged me.

"What happened?"I asked still a little delerious.

"I'm not really sure I kinda got knocked out to"he shrugged his shoulders,"I saw u when u got hit in the head."

"What?" I did not really remember that.

"Ya" he continued,"a huge piece of wood hit you in the head. You have a huge bruise on you head." He gently touched the spot where the wood hit me.

"Ouch" I said softly. It hurt. and he barely touched it! It must look pretty bad....

"I wasn't put for very long. But I woke up on that float that I had and I saw you in the water. You where sinking so I swam and grabbed you." Peter interrupted himself," can you walk?"

"I don't know" I said still laying on the sand. He picked me up and gently put me on my feet. My legs where a little wobbly but not to bad. My head started to swim a little but I was still holding onto Peter.

"Ok?" He asked still holding me.

"Ya I think so" I said

He let me go and I walked around in a circle.

"Thanks" I cooed in his ear. I hugged him. He hugged me back. When I finally took a good look at him he was all sandy. I was not as sandy as he was. That did not make sense I was the one laying in the sand ever since I got dragged there after the crash this morning.

"What are you all sandy? And im not?" I questioned looking at him.

"I washed you off" his he shrugged. His loving and gentle gaze was on me, "I was going to move you back up a little on the beach before the tide came in and then you woke up."

"Oh" I mumbled. My brother really cares about my and I an so grateful for that. I thought to myself.

"I know this is probably not going to make you happy" he whispered. He started tearing up, "mom and dad are dead. I saved you I had no time to save anyone else." A tear escaped from his eye and ran down his cheek.

"Peter it's ok. I know your going to say it's your fault but it's not ok?" I put my small hands on his broad shoulders,"everything will be ok peter."

He looked away from me and wiped his face. Peter is strong. It's one of the things I have always admired about him. But now I could understand it was really hard on both of us. I felt a year escape my eye to.

When he looked back at me he looked surprised.

"What?" I said. His eyes where full if concern

"Ally you better sit down."

I obeyed and he sat down next to me staring at my forehead.

"Peter what's wrong?" He looked he looked scared and I had no idea what was going on.

"Your forehead is bleeding again." Without hesitating, he took his shirt off and ripped it. He laid me down and started wrapping a piece of the shirt around my head. I noticed his shirt had already been torn before.

"This happened wham I was unconscious too didn't it?" I muttered.

He looked me straight in the eye."ya" he Looked worried," when I first dragged you here," he began, "it took a while to stop bleeding. I thought you where dead."

When he finished wrapping it up, he let me sit back up.

"There" he said, satisfied. "Im so glad your ok. If you where dead it would not be able to live. I would be here all by myself."

"Same here" I looked into his eyes,sorry for causing all of this trouble.... Not that I really caused it. I just wish there was something I could do for you...."

"No..... Ally is ok"

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