The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?


5. Slowly but surely, we will learn to trust each other



Chapter 4



Chapter 4
I woke up the next day to my phone buzzing. Eyes still heavy with sleep, I reached out my hand to my bedside table and clumsily fumbled around for it. Picking it up, I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the harsh brightness of my phone. It was a text from 'unknown' but since I hadn't given my phone number out to many people recently I kinda guessed it was Taemin, opening up the message I saw I was right. Quickly adding him as a contact I started up a conversation with him. 
Taemin: Hi girl who bought me coffee one time, how are you today? :)
Me: Good, Good, and you fine sir?
Taemin: I'm feeling happy, so I believe you said you'd show me around London?
Me: Umm... That might not be the best idea...
Taemin: Why, don't you like me? ㅠㅠ
Me: What even is that smiley, anyway it's not that I don't like you, but can we trust each other?
Taemin: Haha, it's a Korean character, and of course we can.
Me: But how do we know that the other one isn't plotting to kill the other.
Taemin: That's what friendship is all about, slowly but surely we will learn to trust each other.
Me: I guess, just give me a day to think about it.
Taemin: Fine, I will text you in EXACTLY 24 hours. Bye.
I put my phone down feeling my heart breaking as I did. I don't understand what I feel for him, I mean I've only met him once yet I feel like I've known him forever. Confused I went downstairs to have breakfast.
Short chappie today guys, sorry I WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU. Can you feel the cheese in this one. I certainly can. Haha. I will try to update daily, see how long that goes on for.




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