The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?


11. My Emmalie is missing

*Taemin P.O.V.* 
Arriving at Starbucks, I found a table to sit at. The table was very shabby, paint peeling of the corners, names engraved into it as if it was the table that would decree couples to be together forever. Ha, I highly doubted that, it was probably some immature love sick teenage girl. There was even one that said 'Brooke + SHINee Taemin =  True Love'. Sorry, Brooke, I'm dating someone else now. Speaking of whom shouldn't she be here by now? I checked my phone, 1 New Message it was from Emmalie YAY ^_^.

From: Em <3
To: Taemin
We have your girlfriend, if you wish to see her alive, you will follow our commands, if you tell the police she dies. Tell anyone anything, she dies. We have tabs on you Taemin. Don't disappoint us. Now return to Korea and await further instructions

My pulse quickened, I suddenly felt lonely and cold. How could they? They stole my Emmalie. I had to tell someone, but then she would die. I felt tears forming in my eyes. How had I managed to get so attached to someone this quickly? All I did was set myself up for pain. Sighing heavily I left Starbucks. I had to get back home. Then maybe I could save Emmalie. After all they made it seem like she was there. Going back to my rented house, I started to pack. This day had started out so well. Why must everything suddenly become bad? Before leaving I reread the text to scan for any clues about where Emmalie might be. Nothing. Well time to go home then, I guess.

*Emmalie's P.O.V*
"What do you want with me?" I asked. Ever since I came here all that's happened involved me getting hurt. Scratches and bruises cover my skin. Scars and pain cover my mind. "Nothing, sweetheart, your not the reason we took you." Beanie man replied. "Then what is?" I asked desperation filled my voice. "Your boyfriend. We're going to break him. And it will all be your fault" he smirked evilly. Taemin. I'm sorry.  

[A/N]. I'll be doing shorter chapters from now on, however I'll be updating it ALOT more frequently. Probably double updates when I do as well ~Skye

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