The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?


8. Getting to know you

Chapter 6

Emmalie's P.O.V

The words 'I love you' repeated in my head, was this a dream, I hope not. Curling up on my bed I took a moment to think about how I felt. Taemin loves me but do I love him? I thought that I had decided it was just a crush? But if it was where was this longing to be with him coming from? I'd never experienced it with my previous crushes. It was then that I realised. I was in love with Lee Taemin. The boy who I'd met yesterday, the boy who I'm meant to want to kill. Well one things for sure, we didn't want to kill each other. We wanted to date each other. That's got to be a plot twist for fate. Lee Taemin.... I love that na-. EMMALIE ABBOT, STOP BEING A FANGIRL, HE HAS ENOUGH OF THOSES. Shoot, the fangirls! They'll kill me. I wonder why he has so many anyway, I mean yes he's good looking, but that can't be the only reason, can it? Doing what I always did in the situations where I had a question. I went to Google. Typing in 'Lee Taemin' I clicked on the Wikipedia page that came up.

Lee Taemin (this is a Korean name, the family name is Lee) (Korean = 태믹) is one of the two connected (the is Emmalie Abbot who resides in England). Meaning he can connect to all four elements. He lives in Seoul, South Korean and is part of a very well known Korean boy band called SHINee. The other members are Lee Jinki (Onew) (Korean = 직기, 오규), Kim Jonghyun (Korean = 종현), Kim Kibum (Key) (Korean = 기붐, ) and Choi Minho (Korean = 믹호). [A/N: I had to guess Minho's last name so sorry if it's wrong]. They have released many hit songs such as Replay (누나 노무 예뻐), Love Like Oxygen, Ring Ding Dong, Juliette, Amigo, Lucifer, Sherlock, Dream Girl, Why So Serious? And most recently Everybody.

Ahh, so that's why, it looks like my boyfriend is talented. Being the stalker that I am (Hee Hee) I decided to try one of there songs. Lucifer was the one that caught my attention and so was the one I watched [A/N will add if I figure out how]. It was EARGASMIC. Even though I didn't understand half of it and so I spent a happy afternoon listening to SHINee.



Hello, yes I know this is short and yes I know it's just a filler but I'm sorry I had writers block so this is the best I could do. Now of you excuse me it's 3 am and I want to go to sleep. BYE- Skye

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