The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?


13. Epilogue

Chapter 13: Epilogue

*Emmalie's P.O.V*
*3 years Later*

Well this is it. I'm going to debut tonight. And get married tomorrow. I still can't believe Taemin proposed. I think I'm gonna take a walk. My head is too full of nerves and excitement. It can't be good for me. "Yeobo, come for a walk with me" I ask Taemin. He grunts back a yes. YAY. I slip on my shoes and wait for mister lazy pants to join me. Seoul is so pretty this time of year. The cherry blossoms are in bloom. We hold hands and walk outside. It's freezing, I'm glad I'm wearing a coat YAY COATS. I start skipping ahead of Taemin. Happy to be free of the inside world. What? I've always been more of a free spirit. I can hear Taemin's laughter, being carried by the wind. I stop and wait for him when, suddenly honking of a cars horn fills my ears and all I can feel is intense pain.

*Taemin P.O.V*
Her body hits the ground and suddenly everything's in slow motion. I run to her, and cradle her in my arms. Whispering sweet words, telling her how she'll be just fine for our wedding. I've called the ambulance and now all we can do is wait. Wait together. Because she's going to be fine. She has to be. After all Em has to debut tonight, and then we have to get married. We HAVE to. She can't leave me the day before our wedding day. That's not fair. She looks at me. Her weary eyes still beautiful. "Taemin" she says weakly. "Shhh. Save your strength, you'll make it through, don't worry." I reply, but I don't believe it. She looks ready to move on. Content. I fear what she's about to say to me. I know what's about to happen, I just don't want to believe it. Please, Emmalie, stay with me. I'll never fight with you again. I'll buy you whatever you want. You can have the piece of chicken in the fridge when we get home. Just don't leave me. I need you Emmalie. If you die, I'll die to. On the inside. Don't do this to me, Em please. If you stay with me I'll never ask you to do anything again. We can go on as many walks as you like. Just Don't leave me. That's all I ask. Please Yeobo. "I love you Tae..." She doesn't finish her sentence. Instead. Her eyes close. Her pulse dulls. Her breathing slows to a halt, and I know it's over. I know after all we've been through, she's gone. The one girl I've ever loved has disappeared forever. "I love you to, Emmalie" I whisper in her ear, a single tear rolling down my cheek.

The funeral is held three weeks later. I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life. She meant more to me then anyone and now she's gone forever. She'll never know how much I love her. I'll never be able to tell her. I just wanted to spend my life with her. Was that to much to ask? Why her? Why did she have to die? Life is a sick, twisted game to which there are no winners. Only people foolish enough to risk getting hurt. Well never again. It kills me to know I'll only ever see her in pictures. That the last image of her body I will ever see is in a casket. Being lowered into the earth. I'll visit you every week Emmalie. I promise. No matter what, I Promise.

[A/N] That's all folks. Thank you for reading my first fanfic and movellas.  I'm sorry it was so bad, but I'll improve in time. What did you think it? Please let me know.-Skye

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