The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?


4. But this isn't possible.

A/N: so something weird happened, this was actually written a few days ago hehe but movellas decided not to publish it. What I get for using the app right?

Chapter 3

I looked directly at Taemin, his eyes wide with shock. "B-but, this isn't possible, your meant to live in New York" He said. WAIT WHAT?!? Calm down Emmalie, remember you are water, calm and able to keep a steady head. I took a deep breath and met his gaze evenly "We get lied to, remember, always have and always will be, probably even more now. Because I clearly DON'T live in New York." I replied. "No, kidding Sherlock"(A/N IM SO CURIOUS) Tae mumbled, I don't think he meant me to hear it. It almost shocked me I thought he would swear, although it didn't come as much of a surprise, I mean he just looked so cute and innocent, it was hard imagining anything foul coming out of his mouth. Then it hit me. I just told a guy I knew nothing about that we would be destined to hate each other. On top of that it was a CUTE guy. Suddenly, Taemin started speaking "I don't understand one thing though, aren't we meant to feel a great hatred towards each other, instead I feel well.... It sounds stupid" "Like they're was a great loneliness in your heart but now it's gone?" I finished, and then immediately regretted it. I just met the guy but now I may as well of confessed to him. But to my relief Taemin broke out into a grin and said "Yup... So.. do I still get my coffee?" I laughed at that, how typical of a fire connecter to only care about what's in it for them. "Sure, then I'll show you around London, if you want?" And so off we went to get our coffee. 
By the time we reached Starbucks, I'd learnt a little more about Taemin, for example that he was only a couple of years older then me, being 18. He had started to amuse himself by trying to teach me Korean and then laughing at my HORRIFIC pronunciation. "Anyounghaseyo, it means hello, you try to say it." He said "Onionhaseyo" I replied, and I felt quite proud of my attempt, until I realised Taemin was laughing at me. "What I can't help it if Korean sounds like the word onion...." I sulked. "No no, it's cute" he replied. "What like your accent?" I said trying to piss him off. It worked. "If you ever call me cute again I swear I will end you." I looked at him to say 'as if you could' and we both burst out laughing. In Starbucks there was usual bustling atmosphere. I always thought the mood of Starbucks didn't fit the decor. Drab grey walls which clearly hadn't been painted for years. Worn out tables and chairs lined the floor. Today it was packed, so full I could only pick out a couple of people. One of them was wearing a beanies. I like beanies, they're cool. The line took forever and I'm pretty sure we wasted twenty minutes because SOMEONE *Cough* Taemin *Cough* decided to wait until the last minute before deciding what to order. I had my usual, a strawberry frappecino (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD) and Mr. Slowpoke ordered a caramel latte. After our orders finally came, I paid. Taemin didn't even offer, I guess chivalry is dead, huh? He even complained about the fact they spelt his name wrong. This side of him started to irk me. I mean they spelt my name wrong to, but I wasn't complaining like a kid. Kid... Prim and Aunt Vivienne! I glanced down at my watch, it was already 5:30. Oh no, I really needed to be more organised. "Well Tae, it's been nice meeting you and all, but I have to go, I have a devil cousin to deal with." I said. "Well then, can I have your number?" "Sure" I replied chuckling. He gave me his phone and I keyed it in, saving myself as 'That girl who bought you coffee one time'. Rushing out of the shop, I turned and started sprinting as quickly as I could back home, only half noticing that the beanie guy was staring at me through the window.
I walked through the door and the first thing I saw was... Her. With small beady eyes which stared at me like a lion would its pray, and ebony hair which hung at her shoulder like she'd hacked it off, well I certainly wouldn't put it past her. "Yay, Em your here." Her scratchy voice cut through the air as easily as a knife through butter. I sighed, resined to my fate, if I resisted it would just be more painful. "What do you want to play, Prim?" I asked. "Ooh Fairies please." I groaned, I swear this kid knows how to annoy me more then anyone else. Especially when she acts like a six year old. I mean who plays 'Fairies' when they're twelve. I started to play with her letting my mind drift. I wish Taemin was here right now. Wow, hold up Em. NO SOPPY STUFF. EVER. Whatever it was I felt for him, it was not to go further then a crush, half the things he said to me were probably lies so he could get me to trust him. I doubt onionhaseyo is even Korean. He's probably plotting to get rid of me right now. After all there's that legend where if one of us kills the other then the one left will become the most powerful human ever to walk the earth. Our spirits will walk with the stars. "Em, Your not paying attention" Prim's scratch voice bought me back to reality. "Sorry, Prim, I'm feeling tired, I'm gonna go get some sleep ok?" I said, running away before she could reply. Locking the door of my room I lay down on my, grabbed my laptop and put 'Taemin' into google. Did you mean 'Lee Taemin'. I quickly clicked on that hyperlink and found myself on page with tons of results. Wanting to be sure I clicked on images, it was Taemin all right. Going back to the search, I saw there were hundreds of fan pages, newspapers and facts all about him, I could become his stalker if I really wanted to. But I didn't, not in the slightest. Slightly freaked out I put 'Emmalie Abbot' into google as well and found similar results. I shut my laptop, all this simply because we were the most connected. That was literally the only thing special about us. Apart from that we were average teenagers. Slightly freaked out, I closed my laptop and went to sleep.


Hey again, I can feel myself making Emmalie more and more crazy but oh well. Also did you like my SHINee reference, if you don't know SHINee then sorry, I promise that will be the first and last reference
Bye guys

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