The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?


6. Back to normal life.

Chapter 5

*Taemin's P.O.V*

I slowly trudged down the stairs, pausing at the last one. I pulled myself into a sitting position, extending my hand to trace various scars which had been cut into the mahogany wood by people who rented this place before me. They were probably children, not knowing the misery I felt now. How can we trust each other those were Emmalie's words but I knew what she really meant 'How can I trust You'. The words cut into my heart like ice, although I knew I was being ridiculous, I mean I've only just met the girl, but I couldn't help it, I was drawn to her, and not just because she was pretty. I was drawn to her aura, and I don't even believe in that mumbo-jumbo fortune telling stuff. I think it might be because we're both the connecters, but for all I know I've fallen head over heals for a girl I barely know, who probably hates me, who DEFINITELY doesn't trust me and who certainly won't fall in love with me. With those depressing thoughts I rose and went to get my breakfast. Walking around the kitchen I looked for something I could make which wouldn't set the house on fire (I have a habit of doing that ^_^) finding some cereal, I decided to give the British invention a try, who knows it might be nice. Pouring some into a bowl, I tried it. It was disgusting, all hard and crunchy, then I realised I forgot to add the milk, trying it again I discovered it was much nicer. With an "mmmmm" of pleasure, much like the one my hyung, (A/N: what Korean boys call older boys they're close to) Key, would of made, I quickly devoured the bowl. I hadn't quite realised how hungry I was, and it took my mind of Emmalie. It was then and there I decided I would stop being so Emmalie-obsessed, I mean it was scary, I was like one of those fan-girls I have back in Korea. I mean I was still gonna try to be her friend, but if she didn't want to that was her problem not mine. If she wouldn't show me around London, I'd show myself around, after all I have a unique opportunity, none of my hyungs had ever been to England and probably never would, they were all so busy. Besides I want to enjoy this holiday, after all when I go back I have to do army service. Holding my new resolution to heart I jumped up grabbed my IPod and my bag, and headed out the door, only to run back in after realising I was in my pyjamas. Smooth moves Taemin, smooth moves. Changing into a pair of skinny's, a red t-shirt and an beige shirt, one of those ones which has buttons but no one ever does up, WHY CAN'T I remember the name ㅠㅠ. Yes I use smilies in real life, that's just how I roll people. Now fully clothed it was time for the tour of London take 2. YAY ^_^ (English and Korean smilies, I'm just that cool).

Walking out the door, I decided to pick a random monument to go to. As I couldn't decide between The shard and the London eye (what can I say, I like heights) I asked a random stranger to do Kai Bai Bo with me (A/N Korean Version of Rock Paper Scissors) and the London eye won. The only thing I remember about that guy was that he had a beanie, and was more then willing to help me out, English people are so helpful. I started walking towards a tube station, and then spent about 20 minutes being confused at those yellow things with an arrow on... Oyster card readers they're called... I think, before realising I actually needed to purchase an Oyster card, hehe. Feeling very proud with my newly bought Oyster card I walked through those gates, which five minutes before had been trapping me outside of the underground, like a local. I'm just that amazing. Continuing on with my journey I went down the escalator without a hitch, before stepping onto a train, or is it a tube isn't that what the systems called,no I think it's a different kind of train, what the hell is the difference anyway? I'ma call it a train and the system a tube. I'd heard horrific things about the tube before but none of them as bad as what I experienced. My nose was literally up some mans armpit and it did not smell pretty. To make things worse, I accidentally elbowed some ladies boob. She started screaming at me, luckily I was able to play the foreigner card and everything was ok. But that didn't stop me from practically diving at an empty seat when some one got off at the next stop. However the seat was wet and my mind couldn't help but think the worse, I cursed in Korean, the tour was not off to a great start. However, I pulled out my iPod and started listening to music. Obviously it was k-pop I was listening to, I mean I AM Korean. Miss A filled my ears and I started to relax a smile forming on my face, music makes anything better. After a few Korean songs I decided I should listen to something English, and went to put on some Muse. I sighed, maybe the tube wasn't so bad after all. After a few stops I was off the train and up the escalator, making my way along the embankment, towards my final destination. I was excited, really excited. I wasn't trusted to do much by myself back home, I'm too precious for that according to my mum. I know she's just trying to protect me but it's seriously annoying sometimes. Also it's high in the sky. So I get to feel like I'm flying, I really love heights. Making my way to the place where you buy tickets I stood in line for what felt like forever, until is could finally buy myself a ticket. Manliness level up ^_^!  I was so happy I started to dance my way to the queue, people started staring but I know that's just because my dance moves are so amazing. "Excuse me sir, are you on the 12:20 ride" a bored voice said to me. I liked being called 'sir' but this guy totally lacked in the enthusiasm department. I quickly checked my ticket and replied "Yup" in a sing song voice. "This way sir" I followed the man and went into one of the bubble cars. The car went higher and higher and the view was just breath taking. You could see almost the entirety of London, or that's what it looked like anyway, I could see the shard and St. Paul's cathedral and the Houses of Parliament and everything. It was truly amazing, and I was in awe almost the entire time. I loved every second and was really upset when it came to an end. But it did eventually and I stepped out of the bubble. I checked the time on my phone 13.20. Still 19 hours till I can text Emmalie. Argh, I needed something to do otherwise my mind would just keep going back to her. But I couldn't afford to spend anymore money today. Screw 24 hours I thought. I started to compose a new text:
To: That girl who bought me coffee one time (Em)
From: Me
5 hours is enough, you decide now if we can be friends or not.
My fingers hovered over the send button, before pressing send. It wasn't fair for her to play with my heart wether she knew she was doing it or not. I bit my lip as I waited for her reply, why am I so nervous?

*Meanwhile* *Emmalie's P.O.V*

My phone vibrated, and I hoped and dreaded that it would be the person who hasn't left my mind for since I met him. It was, and my emotions had clearly won the war, because my heart skipped a beat, but then fell as I read what he had sent me. 'Decide now', how can I decide? This isn't fair. Although finally deciding what to say I started to type:
To: The cute Korean one (Tae)
From: Me
I've made my decision, we can't be friends. It would break my heart, if we're going to be anything it's got to be more then that.
Pressing send before I could delete it all, I watched my message get sent to someone who will almost definitely reject me. My hearts already prepared for the pain.

*Taemin's P.O.V* 
I opened the message my eyes scanning over it. I double read just to make sure, had she really confessed? Are we actually going to date? Not if I don't reply we're not:
To: Em
From: Me
You really mean that? You have no idea how glad I am, I know I've only just met you but I think I'm in love with you. 사랑해 (I love you in Korean).
Sending it without a second thought, I closed my eyes and punched the air.

That's it for today, over 1,550 words in pages. I bet you thought it would just be a filler as well :P. Please comment if you want to, I like chatting to people (even if you don't like the story, I'm always up for constructive criticism). Does this make up for the no chapter on Monday? I have a lot more time right now because I'm off school thanks to my AIH (auto immune hepatitis) YAY, actually that's a lie it's because of medicine I'm taking for my AIH (one of the side affects, go figure XD), but I can't be bothered to go change it now, Bye ~Skye


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