Baby Styles

What happens when Audrey finds out she is pregnant with HARRY STYLES BABY he leaves her one day they reunite but will she love him or someone else from 1D find out in this story ;)


7. CH.6

Audreys POV:

well today is the day im going on a date well first i have to get ready wait i got a message from Liam


sorry change of plans formal and at 7

A:its ok

L:well gotta record stuff

A:yea i gotta get ready to bye

L:bye xoxo

soon i got a message from Annabelle

BESTIE: we're going shopping at 12 so be ready by then i gotta get ready to soo bye

A:kk bye xoxo


before i get ready i make breakfast oats with fruit and a smoothie for me and for Avery some pancakes and a fresh little bowl of fruit salad and a smoothie she eats a lot for her age.

now since Avery woke up she begins eating

"Avery darling once you're done you can play with your toys i have to get ready cause we're going shopping with Aunt again"

"ok mama"


so now imma get ready

for my hair i did it in  a messy bun and added a flower headband

and for clothes i wore a kinda singlet but not really a singlet with shorts and heels (which i can walk in) and add accessories 

for my makeup i put on some shiny but not a lot eye shadow and put mascara and eyeliner i think i overdone that a bit

now since im ready i gotta get Avery ready after i clean her up i start of by doing her hair i just took a bit of her hair in the middle tied it up and added a bow

after i do her outfit (sorry if i dont have a description for the outfit)

by now the time is 11:30 so imma start driving


*skip car ride*


once we go inside the shopping center (mall) i see Annabelle on her phone so i carry Avery  and we sneak up behind her and then Avery screams "BOOOOOOO!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Annabelle screams and drops her hone

"oh my??? whaat the???? you naughty girls" Annabelle says and then picks up her phone

"LETS GO SHOPPING NOW!!"Annabelle shouts

first we head to Fashion Galaxy (i made this up)

I try millions of clothes for my date tonight but i couldnt find it

but then i found something not soooo formal but it was a dress and to make it look awesomer i put a black leather jacket on soon we go to the accessories area and just pick out some earrings necklaces handbags and stuff once we were done it was 5pm

"wow we took sooo long and thats all we got"Annabelle says

"But you did find a cute outfit that will impress Niall

oh yeaa i forgot to mention she has this huuuuge crush on niall

she blushes as i say that 

"And i also got Avery this cute outfit 

Avery fell asleep and when i go on my date Annabelle will look after her


"shhhhhh you'll wake up Avery" i say as i put her in her bed

Annabelle started with my hair she took of my headband and undid my bun she curled my hair but it wasnt suuper curly it was a beautiful wavy kind next she did my makeup and she put mascara as i dont need fake lashes since my lashes were already pretty long and then she added eyeliner for my eye shadow she put grey and white and blended it all together after she was done my hair and face was fantastic it was a good thing Annabelle didnt over do it i dont wana look like im trying to hard impress him a lot

lastly i did my outfit i put on the outfit i bought today on and then added these black awesome heels that had shoelaces on them 

By now it was 7:03

Right before i go to get i drink i hear the doorbell

i open it up and see my prince charming Liam


A/N hey hope yoenjoyed this chapter took me a while to get the photos so yea enjoy

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