Baby Styles

What happens when Audrey finds out she is pregnant with HARRY STYLES BABY he leaves her one day they reunite but will she love him or someone else from 1D find out in this story ;)


16. CH.11

Harrys POV:


Audrey is fine now and she can go home we told Avery that mommy was sick but she is all better now so we are all going Audreys house but im going back to my place to plan out Audreys special gift


Audreys POV:

im ok now i was really happy to see my lovely Avery now we are going back home its almost my birthday YAY but i bet nobody knows oh well


Annabeths POV:

we got Audreys party all sorted out Perrie Eleanor and I are going to buy her gifts and party stuff tomorrow and the boys will distract her so she wont get suspicious then the boys are gonna go shopping for their stuff and we are distracting her


Averys POV:

its almost mommys birthday i rememeber im gonna get mommy some chocolate


Liams POV:

we are all at Audreys just chatting but Harry said he had to do something and he couldnt stay but we were all fine with it i wonder what he's up to


Nialls POV:

Annabeth is my girlfriend now im really happy she is the most beautiful girl ive ever met we went on a couple of dates and then i asked her to be my girlfriend she was very happy anyways i know exactly what to get Audrey


Harry's POV:

well what ive prepared for Audrey are these earrings and necklace that she always stares at whenever we walk past it then ive got her this note ive written and lastly a song this is so exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time im gonna sleep now

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