Baby Styles

What happens when Audrey finds out she is pregnant with HARRY STYLES BABY he leaves her one day they reunite but will she love him or someone else from 1D find out in this story ;)


15. CH.10 (FINALLY)

Perrie's POV:

why, why would Liam do this i thought they were in love but now Liams such a douche ugh im just so mad


Eleanor's POV:

Louis told me how much they liked each other i thought it was cute how are we going to tell Avery


Liam's POV:

Sophia just caught my eye i bet she is GREAT in bed her skinny body her beautiful hair wow i thought i loved Audrey but what i felt for Sophia was so much more maybe cause i think she will be good in bed yep im not so innocent or daddy direction anymore am I


Annbeth's POV:

Audrey and I havent spent as much time together and greeting her again like this is just CRAZY Liam is soooo gonna get it Niall has been trying to comfort my crazy crying im the ugliest cryer ever everyone is crying except Liam we didnt invite him its almost Audreys birthday 


Niall's POV:

i never knew Liam was like this i always thought it was Harry she doesnt deserve o be like this she is like my little sister infact she is our little sister to Louis Zayn and I, i dont think she is close enough to Harry yet but yea


Louis's POV:

im trying to comfort Eleanor but seeing people do that to themselves makes me cry too so basically we are all crying together 


Zayn's POV:

although i havent spoken to Audrey much she is still an amazing friend i cant believe Liam did that she already has a child i feel so sorry for her


Harry"s POV:

I F***KEN HATE LIAM RIGHT NOW HE IS A DICK WHY WOULD HE DO THAT TO HER well i know i kinda did that too but UGH i know its her birthday soon and i know exactly what to get her im going to win her heart back


Avery's POV:

im not really sure whats going on but i see all my Aunties and Uncles crying Aunt Anne and Uncle Niall are hugging me while crying all i know is that Mommy is feeling bad

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