I'm bored outa ma mind so I'm deciding to do fanfics if you want one just tell me your name wat boy dirty or clean and any extra info. I will probs be online for the rest of the day so I'll try and get them done ASAP. And if your bored like me plz go and check out ma other movella


4. elin

"I-love-you",Harry said in between breaths. He's such an amazing kisser!"I-love-you-to" I could barely breath we just kept kissing it felt like a century. But then he just stopped, I looked at him He bent down on one knee."elin, my beautiful, talented very sexy elin, I love you so much words could not explain, will you marry me." Oh god this is happening!!!!"yes,yes,yes,yes,yes one million times yes!" The ring was beautiful! It look like it cost a fortune, so I guess Harry, zayn, Petrie and I will be sharing the same wedding.

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