Its My Love Story

It's my love story, the heartache, the love, the ups, the downs, and everything in between.


1. The Beginning

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with Josh. His carmel eyes, his smile, his laugh. He was my first love, I lost myself to him on May 17, and I'd never regret it. He had me entirely. And as we started to fight, we drifted apart, too much for him to handle. We fought for three months, and he finally had enough. He broke my heart 16 days before our one year anniversary. While breaking up with me, he said he no longer loved me. I was heartbroken. Because he made me happier than anyone else ever could. I'd lose myself in his eyes. His laugh made me smile. I couldn't eat or sleep for 4 days after he broke my heart and left me stranded, hypothetically. I couldn't walk into my room and see the pictures of me and him from prom, Christmas, or just the silly pictures we took together, because I couldn't stand to see what I had lost. I felt like everything had been taken from me, my whole world went up in flames. I didn't understand how he could love me so deeply, and fall out of love with me the next week. He started hanging around this girl, her name was Mollee. In our relationship, she had created problems for us, so I already didn't like her. And to know they had been hanging out really upset me. So at that point, not only did I have to get over him, I had to get over seeing him walk around with a girl I hated. I'd have people come to me asking if they were dating. After school, I'd go home and cry. I spent many days like that. And I tried making him feel bad, but he never cared. The one guy who was there, was Caleb. Anytime I needed to be cheered up, Caleb had my back. He could always make me smile, and he knew exactly when and how to keep my mind off of everything. We'd get together some days and play basketball, and we'd laugh and have a great time. But I knew he was never what I'd settle for. I explained to Caleb that I liked him, but I'd never date him if I wasn't over Josh. He understood and said he'd wait as long as I needed, but in the meantime he'd pushed me to kiss him and he tried taking it too far at times which was a turn off to me. But I still kept with him, because I knew I needed to get over Josh, and with each day I grew closer to Caleb, and farther from Josh.

Till December 30, Josh texted me, with a simple,"Hello," that sent chills through my body.

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