Dont Forget were you belong

Zayn Malik misses his family. He decides to take a brake, but soon changes his mid when he gets starstruck by a fan. Will they fall in love?


5. landing and reminding

Trisha's p.o.v.

(A/N just in case you didn't know- that is zayn's mum.)

Zayn texted me he was landing. Soon enough, I heard a knock on the door.

"Zayn!" I shouted. I opened it.

"Mum, I missed you so much!" He beamed.

"You're still my little Bradford boy." I laughed.

"Oi, you Gon let me in mate?" He said with his best Australian accent.

"Wow! The tour Down Under really makes you sound Aussie!" I exclaimed.,

"Yeah, ok it's cold out here you gonna let me in?" He asked again.

"Uh- let me think about that- No." I laughed and shut the door.

"Alright I'll let myself in." He said through the door.

"Oh, how rude." I pouted, and then gave him a look saying 'I'm joking, you do know that right?' And then he laughed too.

We spent the next two days having mother-son time and had so much fun. However, the next day zayn's sisters came back from collage and he said he had something special planned.

Abby's p.o.v.

OMG! OMFG! Zayn tweeted back to me! I was so glad. I said heaps of times;

@zaynmalik you legend. Thanks for the follow too. And have a blast in Bradford, I'll be here in London waiting. No pressure, and I love you. Good luck x.

3 days later he DIRECTLY (like twitter direct) said to me:

Hey Abby! Zayn here. I just wanna say thanks, you are amazing. Do you think I could get you number? Did you here about me and Perrie? I'm getting hate ;(

I replied:

You poor thing, I love you SOO much. And my number is: ********** please call me, and if you ever need help I'm here. Thanks dj Malik! Xx

A/N hey readers thanks for reading sorry for the short and late update. If I get a comment I will update in the next few days, otherwise next week. Thanks!


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