Oli and me

Holly is just the normal (well in her world )teen girl whose obsessed with bands like bring me the horizon suicide silence peirce the viel falling in reverse sleeping with sirens etc. she's lost in her own world where only things and people she knows and loves exist until she meets the guy of hers dreams but remember the greatest love only comes after heartbreak


2. oli and me


I don't wanna be a bother so I'm just gonna head out now

No don't please don't leave

Umm ok it's not like I have anything better to do

Can I ask you a question


Why do you have all those cuts on your legs

It took me a minute to actually process what he just said to me I just stood there with a blank look on my face then I started crying then ran out of course he chased after me calling my name then that was it I had no where else to run I just sat there in the dark alleyway until oli came and sat next to me

What's wrong


You can tell me holly


Come on holly tell me please

Don't say that

Holly please I love you

I didn't really have anything to say cause i was shocked I never thought that in a million years anyone like him could fall in love with a regular girl like me

I..I love you too

Narrator: oli leaned in and passionately kissed holly until Matt n Matt k lee and Jordan ran after them with the peirce the veil guys following slowly behind

Vic-Woah guys what happend

Oli- nothing

Matt n- are you sure

Jaime- c'mon guys just tell us

Oli - nothing is wrong c'mon holly

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