My Best Friend From 1D

My name is Kate I love Harry, Hes my bestfriend but I noticed that he blushs when im around. I hope my future is bright right?


2. This is Scary

From: Harry  To:Kate

Okay see you in 10 Minutes!

I had no reply to him. I was just gonna take a chance and text him how I felt. Niall didn't reply that day at all. It is 5:10 and Harry just got here. Harry Walked into my apartment complex and walked straight into my apartment.

"Honey Im Home!" He said while laughing

Harry walked into the room I was sitting in. I was sitting in the living area and He came and sat down next to me.

"Whats Wrong Kate?" Harry said

"When Niall comes here ill tell you what happened but for right now I want to tell you how I feel about you" I started to blush

"What is it love?" Harry said starting to blush

"As you know its been a month since we met . and When ariana told you I 'loved' you. She meant it Harry I really like you I want to be your girlfriend but......" He stopped me

"Kate I know how you feel I like you a lot I really do 'Love' you and I was gonna ask you today if you wanted to be my girlfriend that's when you answerd it so I hope you can say yes?" He said blushing

"Yes Thank you Harry" I say blushing

Harry gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. I heard Nialls Car door slam so I know he is Mad. Niall walked in not mad but Upset, He walked in and hugged me.I went I the kitchen and made tea for us three. I lead them to the kitchen to tell niall me and harry were together andboth of them what happened yesterday.

"Kate so what happened that was so important? Niall asked

"I-I got raped" I studder a bit

"WHAT"?!?!?!?!!? They both say

"who did this" Harry said with pure anger in his eyes

"I don't know" I say

"I need to call a doctor" Niall said calling 911 at that moment

"Niall theres one more thing we wanted to tell you" Me and Harry look at eachother as I say

"What is it love?" Niall says

"Me and Harry are to-" He stopped me

"Together" Niall said "I know Harry told me right away

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