My Best Friend From 1D

My name is Kate I love Harry, Hes my bestfriend but I noticed that he blushs when im around. I hope my future is bright right?


3. Dreams Come true :)

Nialls POV

"Me and Harry are to-"She said smiling as I stopped her from saying another word.

"Together" I say Pissed off because I really liked Her and he went and asked her out "I know Harry told me right away" I say about to get up and kill him


From: Harry      To: Niall

 Guess What?!?!?!? Me and Kate are finally together! I finally got the nerve to ask her out! Don't be mad at me. Your my brother! Come over cause Kate has something important to tell us but she wont tell me!

To: Harry         From: Niall

YOU KNEW I LIKED HER! WTF MAN! But tell her I will be there soon! I hope I don't kill you by the time i get there!


"Wanna go get some Nandos or something?" I say trying to keep a smile on my face.

" Sure Lad " Harry says looking at Kate

" Im fine with that" Kate said biting her lip.

 Harrys POV

When I told Niall me and Kate were together He flipped I knew he Liked her but ever since I put my eyes on her I fell instantly in love. It was a dream come true to meet her and to now be her boyfriend. I knew when we were on our way to Nandos Niall would pull me into the cabin to try to hurt me or warn me or something. He did always have a little attitude in the cute Irish boy. It was like a costume under neath the cute adorable Irish boy was a she devil that would kill if anyone hurt his family or friends. Girlfriends, Crush (Kate). We walked into the restruant when The owner (Bill) Was talking to Niall Me and Kate walked to find a seat at that Time i had her sit next to me to get her to kiss me. Niall came over and he sat and looked at the menu. Niall put the menu down meaning he was ready to order. Kate and I were sitting at the table when I asked if i could be excused to use the restroom. I got up and went to the restroom. I heard the door open when i was peeing and I saw Niall he looked the most pissed off. I finished and walked out........ Niall slammed me against the sink. He was sorta just plan out PISSED. I never liked niall when he was upset. I grabbed his arm and pulled it off. He slapped me. I was in shock My lad just smacked me.

"Im sorry Lad. I didn't know what can over me." He said looking so innocent i could cry.

"Your fine lad. I deserved it" I said scared he was gonna do it again.

"Really" He said looking more relived

I washed my hands and walked out of the restroom with Niall. Kate looked Ready to eat. The assistant came over and i sorta blanked out of the lady talking thinking about how beautiful Kate and I children would be beautiful.

"Love" I heard Kates sweet soft voice say to snap me out of daydreaming.

"Harry?" Niall said as he shook my hands.

"W-What?" I say looking at Niall

"What would you like to order sir?" The lady with the name tag that said 'Mary'

"Well Mary i would like a taco with extra cheese please." I say Kate giggled

Mary brought us our food and we ate niall started talking about how we are on a four month break so we could be with our family. I said I would be with Kate the whole time, Have her meet my family, And have Mum be her best friend. I got up and brought Kate with me to help me get my 'wallet' out of the car. She said the last time she saw it was in my pocket 5 minutes ago in the building. I giggled and checked my pocket. There it was. Kate grabbed her Android out of her skinny jean pocket. I giggled. I walked toward her. She looked up from her phone to see. Our faces were just centimeters away. I leaned in to kiss her, she didn't back away or resist. She softly Bit my lip as I passionately kissed her. I slowly Backed away to stop the kiss. She smiled. I looked at her and she started to bit her bottom lip.


So Definitions : Cabin , A restroom or bathroom in a restraunt or home, plane, train, school etc.

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