Forever and Always

John has just proposed to Merideth, when fate takes a turn for the worst. Will John survive his tragic acciedent on the night of the big anouncement?

This is dedicated to one of my favorite songs, Forever and Always by Parachute


1. The Call

 Where is he? He should be here by now.... I thought to myself, flicking my black hair to the side. John wasn't here and tonight is 2 weeks since John proposed. I wait a little longer, staring at the driveway to see if his car pulls up. I was supossed to give him the big news tonight!

 After 2 hours of being late, my phone it rings. I answer it and hear some woman say that it was the Groverfeild hospital, that my finace was in a car acciendent and has life threatining injuries. While she keeps talking, I think of December 7th, the day he proposed. I remeber him getting down on one knee while we were at dinner and saying, "I want you forever, forever and always, through the good and the bad and the ugly, we'll grow old together; forever and always. Meridith, will you marry me?"

I hang up on the hospital lady and grab my keys. I drive to the hospital with the worst thoughts running through my head: 

Is he okay?

What happened?

Did this happen on the way to meeting me?

Is this my fault??

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