Forever and Always

John has just proposed to Merideth, when fate takes a turn for the worst. Will John survive his tragic acciedent on the night of the big anouncement?

This is dedicated to one of my favorite songs, Forever and Always by Parachute


4. Slowing

As I finish my vows, I expect him to say something back, instead I just hear his heart monitor beeping get slower, until he is just barley alive. I then hear him whisper, "I love you forever, forever and always. Please just remember, even if I'm not there, I'll always love you."


With his last breath he says, "Forever and Always."


I hear the air escape his body and feel his grip on my hand loosen. His lifeless eyes are still open, staring into my tearfilled ones.

 "NO! No, no, no, no, no! John! Please I need you! John, please!" I scream, finally sobbing into his cold, dead body. I look up at my dead newly wed and reach up and close his eyes. I get up from the floor and walk into the bathroom, where I throw up for the 8th time today.


 He never got the news. I was supposed to tell him the news! Now his baby will grow up fatherless, with his father not even knowing that he had even happened.




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