I Just Cant Let You Go

Hey I am Emily this is ny 2nd novella I am making hope you enjoy it . All the information of the characters are in the story :)


1. Characters

Emily: 19 years old, loves to eat play act immature but mature at some time, finished high school 1 year ago trying to apply for college, lives off in her apartment she didn't pay her parents did, long dark brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes , light tan skin, she is half Irish half British.

Carrie: 19 years old, plays volleyball acts responsible chooses the right decision, graduated high school 1 year ago, applied for college 1 month ago, lives in an apartment near Emily, shoulder length  blonde straight hair, green eyes, light skin half French 

Toby: 20 years old plays football plays by the rules finished high school 1/2 years ago applied fir college, lives with Carrie, Going out with Carrie for 2 years  black short hair blue eyes light skin full British 

Niall: 20 years old loves to act childish but acts his age, did not finish high school but is a international singer with four other of his bandmates, moves from state to state mostly stays in apartment or hotels blondish brownish short hair deep blue eyes  light skinned Irish 


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