Kidnapped by One Direction

Alice is walking down a street when she hears footsteps. Oh no. She is kidnapped. But by who, and what do they want with her?

(Horrible blurb, I know but plz still read)


3. threats and punishment

~1 week later~

Alice's p.o.v.

So it's been about a week since I was kidnapped by these four men. actually, I think there's five, one just never comes out. I think he is sick. I still don't know why I am here. I asked them all many times, and they just say this is just starting and I will find out soon. Also there is one with cute brown I think eyes and hair swept all over, brownish. He is nice and kind . Then there is the other 3, one Irish two British. And then there's the mean one with a pistol who always threatens me. I call them all sir, and I haven't been punished since I tried to run away on day 1. They are strict, especially the pistol guy with black and a streak of blonde hair, but mostly they are kindhearted to me and feed me when I'm good. I miss my family too but they weren't the best, but weren't bad. I just had a boring life. Breakfast School homework dinner bed. I didn't have any friends, but I miss my younger sister who was 9.

The pistol guy woke me up with a shake.

"Alice! ALICE!! GET UP NOW!" He shouted.

I opened my eyes. The wall clock read 5:00am. I normally got up at 630-7.

"Why, sir?" I asked.

"NO QUESTIONS!" He kicked me off my bed and I stumbled up. I didn't want a punishment, (whatever it may be) so I listened.

"Yes, sir" I said and nodded.

"Good. Now follow me." He said sternly.

I walked into a room I hadn't ever seen before and it looked like and office or meeting room. All the boys were seated, and I sat down .

Liam's p.o.v.

We told her everything. Our names, about Harry, why she was here, her powers and some other stuff.

After the meeting, we all left and left zayn withAlice. Zayn was the only one who could convince Alice to do paperwork so we got to know more about her, and that would help us save Harry.

Alice's p.o.v.

They told me I have powers. They want me to give my powers and energy to one of their friends. No. I wouldn't do it.

I got a little scared because all the boys left apart from Zayn (they told me their names) and told me to stay with him.

"Now, Alice. We need you to do this paperwork for the transformation of your energy. Just answer the questions." Zayn said, passing me a pile of papers.

"Uh- sir, I don't want to." I said.

"WHAT! YOU DO WANT TO?! YOU HAVE TO!!" He shouted.

"Sir- please I want my own e-energy."


"N-No sir, I won't."

He picked me up, took me through the Hallway, then to a room I've never seen before. The door was dusty and old. He opened the door, and threw me in.

"You will now work by scrubbing this room and not get fed, you will not get water, care or showers. Work hard!" He said, throwing a soapy container and brush at me.

"Oh, and welcome home until you do that paperwork, so get used to it." Zayn added.

This room was dark, but still enough light to see.

I heard muffled voices upstairs. I was starving, because it was now 9:30am and I hadn't eaten, but zayn told me to get used to it. I started cleaning.

Louis p.o.v.

I felt sorry for Alice, but at the same time a bit mad she didn't do these papers. It was our five month break from one direction, and we needed Harry back.

At about 4:30 pm in the afternoon I went down to Alice. Liam said I could give her a cup of water and some rice. So I did.

I walked downstairs, and opened the door with my mouth since my hands weren't free. We all had a remote to change the lights so I turned them on. I saw Alice in the corner, scrubbing and crying. She turned around when the lights got lighter and she saw me.

"Please.. Don't hurt me. Please, sir." She cried.

"It's ok. I'm not going to." I said.

"I brought you food?" I offered.

"Yes please, sir." She whispered, crawling over to me.

I could tell she was starving and thirsty. She ate and drank in no time.

(A/N hey guys so I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. The only this is, It keeps deleting! I had 9 pages written well, and then it glitched and I was on the first sentence! Anyway thanks for reading.)

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