Kidnapped by One Direction

Alice is walking down a street when she hears footsteps. Oh no. She is kidnapped. But by who, and what do they want with her?

(Horrible blurb, I know but plz still read)


7. the unneeded escape

Louis p.o.v.

It has been half a week since me and Niall started work and it's been great. We all get on well and has actually been fun! I never thought I would say that. Alice is so nice and she still sometimes calls us 'sir' as a joke. She is really funny.

At 3:30 I was woken up by Alice cooking. There was something really itchy on my ear, I ignored it.

"Morning, sir." She mimicked and we both laughed.

"DO THE PAPERWORK ALICE, DO IT!" I yelled and we laughed our heads off.

I ripped this thing off my ear. It was some sorta electronic device.

"Hey Alice, look at..."

Then Niall woke.

"Ugh what's the time?" He asked, looking at me. I looked at my watch.

"3:37, why?" I replied

He cursed under his breath. Alice and I exchanged confused glances.

"Okay I have to go." Niall said taking a key out of his pocket. And then looked at it. And then the door. And then the key. And the door. Then he looked at us.

"Let's escape." He beamed.

How stupid? We never thought of that!

"Yeah. But.... What about the tracker?" Alice said.

"I think I found it." I said, pointing to my broken itchy ear thingy on the floor.

Soon enough we all had ours off. Then we ran and ran. I got a text from Liam:

Louis bro,

We really didn't mean to do this to you, we don't know what came over us. We started to lose control, and will pick you up too. More importantly, guess what?! We started to use Alice's energy, but Harry was better soon enough, so we canceled it! We don't need Alice anymore, so you can tell her that she can go home and dosent need to go to school, because we gave her a 'college degree' that came with the 'experiment.' Long story short, we payed 10 million dollars for her to get a diploma, and she is quitting school as a sorry present!!! See you soon.

I told the news to Alice and Niall and they were excited. I also told them that they didn't use Alice's energy! Then I said Alice can go home, and that she is out of school. She got so excited. She looked a little pail and droopy and weak. I was going to ask if she was okay, But then niall said,

"Wait, did you say the boys cancelled the energy transformation?"

"Yes." I nodded. Then Alice just fell to the ground.


Then Harry, Liam and zayn pulled up.

"Hey guys where'd- WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?" Harry asked, getting out of the car.

"Just drive to the hospital. We will explain on the way." I said in a rush.

We put Alice in the car, and drove off.

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