Kidnapped by One Direction

Alice is walking down a street when she hears footsteps. Oh no. She is kidnapped. But by who, and what do they want with her?

(Horrible blurb, I know but plz still read)


4. escape

Alice's p.o.v.

Louis came down and gave me food and said I had one more chance to do the paperwork, I said yes because I had a plan.

Louis opened the door to the office and Liam was there 'guarding' me.

"Are you ready to do the paperwork!" He asked.

"Yes sir, but do you think you could wait outside? It is stressful being watched." I asked.

"Ok, fine, but I'll check on you every 2 minutes." He sighed.

**after Liam checked twice**

I got the paperwork done in no time, so I could escape. This was my time. After Liam checked for the third time, I picked up my chair and dragged it to a high window. Then I opened it, and without thinking, climbed out. I saw Liam burst through the door, and I ran until I couldn't run anymore.

Liam's p.o.v.

I heard an unusual noise from inside the office so I went to check it out. Sure enough, Alice's chair was by the window and she was outside. She started to run.

"BOYS! Come downstairs Alice escaped!!!" I shouted.

After I told them what happened, Louis followed me out the door and niall and zayn went through the window.

Nialls p.o.v.

After we searched for around 10 minutes, we finally saw Alice.


"C'mon, love, it will be easier for all of us!" I added.

She ran harder. Zayn and I were too tired to go after her, so we just sat there. Soon enough, Liam and Louis found us.

"Any luck?" Louis asked hopefully.

We shook our heads. "She got away." I explained.

Just then, about 75 meters in front of us, futher into the forest we saw Alice sitting on the ground, panting.

"She must of tired out. We will get her and drive her to Max she can work there while we publish the paperwork, the van is around the corner from here" Liam said and we all nodded. Max was one of our 'friends' who worked in a village with less than 30 people. He would be glad to have Alice as a worker while we publish the paperwork for her transformation of energy.

Alice's p.o.v.

After running from zayn and niall, I sat down in the forest. I heard a unusual sound coming from a bush next to me. I went to check it out (stupid me) but then a recognizable pair of strong hands pulled me back. Oh crud.

"It's funny, how you think you can get away." Liam whisper-smirked into my ear.

Carrying me bridal style, he ran like 10 meters away from us to their black van. 'How the heck did I not notice that?!' I screamed in my head. Then before I knew it, I was head first in the back of the van, with niall next to me and all the boys piled at he front.

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