Meet kayla. She is 21. Has brown hair with blond highlights. When kayla goes to tofino for vacation, she finds more then the perfect wave.

(Louis and niall fan fic. Yes there famous in this story)


2. You Again

It was the next day, I was lazy and didn't get out of bed till 1:17. When I walked downstairs my friends were all looking at me with there wetsuits on. "So I was thinking..... WE SHOULD GO SURFING NOW! Sound like a good idea,K?" (K is my nickname.) "Ya great idea girl!" We laughed. They handed my wetsuit to me and I went upstairs to change. My wet suit said 12 on the side of it to look like the hinger games training suits. I love the hunger games! "You ready yet, K?" "On my way down!" "Ok we will meet you at the beach k, K?" Yep just let me get the zipper then I will head down." "See ya soon!" "Bye!" They walked out the door and I saw them walking in my window. The zipper zipped and I headded downstairs. I grabed my surf board from the closet and headded out the door to the beach. I started walking down the path and bumped into a boy, around my age, I guessed. "Oh im so sorry love!" I blinked. Was that, niall? "Oh um its ok no big deal. Hey by the way, were you winking at me the other night or was I dreaming?" He smirked. "Yep that wink was for Y O U, you!"  I giggled. "So why are you in just your boxe-" I looked down. Oh god. He was wearing the tight underwear. Dont blush dont blush! "You mean underwear? Its a long story, let me make it a one word story, Louis." He winked and I laughed. He was so cute! "How are you gunna get him back?" He smirked shrank. "Im not sure yet, hey do you like pulling pranks?" I desided to mess around with him. "Oh no no no no no! I dont like pulling pranks, I LIVE for pulling pranks!" He laughed her perfect laugh. God, why is he so hot? "Well then you come up with the plan well I just sit back and eat nados ok?" "We dont have nados on this island." His face grew dark and heart broken. "W-what? N-no na-nados!" He burst out into fake tears. I dissided to play along. "There there baby boo." He looked up and smirked. Uh oh. Hestarted tickling me and I ran. He got me and we laughed. "I have to go my friends probably think I got hit by a wave!" "Well the only thing ive been hit by is a hot girl!" "Me? Have I hit you? No I dont think so!" He rolled his eyes smirking. "I'll see you later, whats your cell?" I gave him my number and we went our ways. When I got to the beach my friends were going CRAY CRAY looking for me. If they would have known were I was they would have SCREAMED!

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