Meet kayla. She is 21. Has brown hair with blond highlights. When kayla goes to tofino for vacation, she finds more then the perfect wave.

(Louis and niall fan fic. Yes there famous in this story)


4. The prank

I jumped out of the water. "K girls im heading back to the cabbin! See you later!" "Ok! Be careful, I dont want to be searching for you again!" I started laughing. "All right see ya later." As I was walking up the path I got a message.

Who are you? Why does Niall have you on his cell as 'Prank Budy'

I laughed. Looks like one of the boys got Niall's phone.

Oh well, long story. But what one of the boys are you?

I needed to know so that if it was Louis he wouldnt know our plan

Its Liam. Who are you?

I laughed.

Oh, hi Liam. My name is Kayla. Me and Niall are going to pull a payback prank on Louis.

I was giggling like crazy when I bumped into a boy. I looked up and it was Liam. "Oh hi Liam! I was JUST texting you! Im Kayla, Niall's prank budy!" I was laughing hard now. "Oh uh ya um ok ha." He was stuttering like crazy. "So um well hi my name is Liam, uh uhm are you single. I mean uh...." I was beyond laughter now. I couldn't even breath. "Ahahahaha y- yes I-I a-a-am!" I was on the ground laughing even tho it hurt. "LIAM GIVE ME BACK MY PHO- Whats wrong with her?" Niall looked so confused I just laughed even harder. "I uh..." Liam was blushing. "H-holy c-c-c-crap g-guys!" I was laughing to hard. I couldn't breath. "I-I c-cant haha Br-breath!" I was scared but still laughing. Niall smirked and picked me up. "OK love, then lets get you to my place to discus the plan. Liam, my phone?" Liam handed Niall his phone. "Thank you. And Liam, DONT TELL LOUIS!" And with that Niall ran off with me over his shoulder.

Liams P.O.V.

Holy crap. That girl was HOT!

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