Just Once

Caitlyn has had a good life; it wasn't bad, but it wasn't always good. She got into the college she had dreamed of going to since eighth grade, good friends, good dream, she has a boy chasing after (but she is clueless), decent job. The only thing she is missing is: a boy to share it with.


2. Paragraph 2

Once I was settled, the waiter (who might I add, was extremely easy on the eyes) came to take our order.

"Hi, my name is Landen. I will--" he lead off, keeping his eye contact on my face. As my eye contact remained on his face as well. After a minute later, we snapped out of our gaze; he repeated his introduction and started his question. We put our orders in and he walked away. As soon as he was out of ear shot, Luke commented, "What's his deal?"

"I believe our waiter, Landen has his eyes on our bitchy, moody, chest-less friend." Megan said, looking at me.

"Thank you! And you really think so?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I think so." Luke bitterly retorted.

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