Back In LA

Electra Monroe. The adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. The best friend of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The babysitter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's kids. The girl who got a tattoo in first grade, now is in her junior year with 103 of them. The girl who grew up with Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick of Emblem3. The girl who gets attention from every boy in the school whose not to scared to talk to her. The girl every other girl wants to be. This was Electra's life. Before Australia. Back In LA


3. Chapter Two

Electra's POV


"Hey, Ella?" Jeffree asked me as I walked by the bathroom, where he was doing his eyebrows. 


"Hmm?" I asked, leaning against the door frame.  


"What would you think about moving?" He asked. 


"Excuse me?" I raised my eyebrows. 


"Somewhere warm, like Florida or-" 


"No." I cut him off, not even thinking. 


"Well you should at least think about it." Jeffree said, turning to face me. 


"No, I'm not moving." I smiled and walked to my room




"Move? Why would he want to move?" Drew asked. I was at his house and I was telling him about what Jeffree had asked me earlier. 


"I don't know. He said somewhere warm like Florida. That's waaay to far away." I said. 


"That's weird. You can't leave us, you're like our world." Drew told me. 


"Us?" I giggled. 


"Yes, us. Keaton, Wes, and I." He said in a duh tone as my phone beeped, notifying me someone texted me. Drew grabbed my phone to see who is was. 


"Drew! What are you doing?!" I tried grabbing it but he leaned back so I couldn't and was typing away on my phone. 


"Texting Kylie, as you." He laughed. 


"Drew! Give it back!" I whined.


"No." He stood up and held my phone up in the air. 


"Dreeeeeew! Give it back!" I yelled, laughing, reaching my hands up.


"No." He shook his head, putting my phone in his other hand.


"Pleeeeease?" I pouted.


"Please what?" Drew smiled.


"Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top." I smiled.


"Do I get a kiss?" He smiled wider.


"Do I get my phone back?" I asked. He laughed and handed me my phone. I stood on my toes and kissed him on the lips. 


"You're so short." He laughed.


"I thought I was fun size." I frowned as we sat back down.


"I have yet to find out if you're fun." He winked.


"You're so dirty!" I laughed, hitting his arm.


"You know what you should do?" He asked.


"What?" I asked, moving so I was facing him.


"You should get my name tattooed right there." He said, pointing right under the waistband of my shorts.


"You honestly think Jayy and Jeffree would let me get a tattoo of you're name down there?" I laughed.


"Who let you get those pretty little wings down there then?" He smirked, moving his finger to the top of the waistband where you could see the top of them.


"Uh... Jeffree did." I told him.


"So he would be fine with my name down there." He shrugged. 


"Maybe on like my back or arm or something." I said.


"No, I'd like it better down there." Drew shook his head.


"I'll get your name on my forearm if you get mine." I told him.


"Fine." He sighed.


"When are we gonna get them?" I asked.


"Soon. Kiss on it?" Drew smiled hopefully.


"Smack on it." I smirked.


"Kiss on it." Drew repeated.


"No, smack on it." I smiled.


"Fine, smack on it." He laughed as I lightly smacked his mouth and he did the same to me.



Blaaah, short chapter. Sorry we haven't updated in a couple days :P School and packing for Florida and taking care of Adelaide has just taken up a lot of our time. But we haven't forgotten about yous! We love our munchkins! :*


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