Back In LA

Electra Monroe. The adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. The best friend of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The babysitter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's kids. The girl who got a tattoo in first grade, now is in her junior year with 103 of them. The girl who grew up with Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick of Emblem3. The girl who gets attention from every boy in the school whose not to scared to talk to her. The girl every other girl wants to be. This was Electra's life. Before Australia. Back In LA


4. Chapter Three

Electra's POV


"You guys are so weird." Dahvie laughed. Jayy finally caught his breath and got off of the floor and sat next to me on the couch again. 


"We just have a good sense of humor." Jayy rolled his eyes. We were watching 1000 Ways To Die and a guy have put jumper cable onto his earrings and the other end on a car engine and started the car and electrocuted himself. 


"Yeah. That makes you boring." I said. 


"Psh, whatever." He rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen. 


"So, what would you think about moving?" Jayy asked. 


"No." I said, my happy mood changing to pissed off. 


"Well, I mean-" 


"No. I don't want to move. End of story." I cut him off, getting up and going upstairs. Why did they want to move so bad? I mean, why should we? Our lives are perfectly fine, there's no reason to just pick up and leave. What's the point? There was a knock at my door, snapping me out of my thoughts. 


"What?" I yelled. 


"Can i come in?" Dahvie's voice yelled back. 


"Yeah." I said, scrolling through Twitter. 


"Jayy just said you stormed off when he asked about moving?" Dahvie questioned. 


"I don't get why we would move. I mean, I like it here all my friends are here. The whole point of leaving Washington and coming here was so I could escape the past and everything that happened there, and now that I've finally gotten used to this whole life they want to move? I don't think so." I said, leaning back against the wall. 


"I'll talk to them." Dahvie smiled before walking out. I sighed and laid down, slowly dozing off.




"Ellie." I awoke the next day to Wesley's voice. 


"Don't call me that." I groaned, rolling over. 


"Alright, suit yourself." Wesley said. I was then lifted up from my bed. I opened my eyes and Wesley smiled at me then kissed my forehead. 


"You're mean. It's summertime, I should be aloud to sleep in if I want to." I whined. 


"Oh, stop being lazy. It's 4 in the afternoon now get up and get dressed so Keaton and Drew and I can take you to an early dinner." Wesley set me down on my feet. 


"Why early?" I asked curiously. 


"Becaaaaause, we're hungry and we love you." He smiled. 


"Whatever." I laughed as he left my room. I picked out a pink tank top and a pair of skinny jeans form my closet. I put them on with pink heels that had a little bows on them. I fixed up my pink nails, which ironically matched my shoes, and just put on some mascara. I grabbed a little clutch, adding my phone, money, and mascara. I put on a bracelet, curled my hair, and looked in the mirror one last time before going downstairs.


"You did all that in like two minutes?" Drew asked. 


"She learned form the best." Jeffree giggled. 


"Selfish much?" I laughed. 


"Very much." Jeffree smiled. I said goodbye to Dahvie, Jayy, and Jeffree then we left. The car ride was far from quiet. We were listening to Santeria by 'Sublime' in the car and screaming it the whole way to McDonald's. Which is where we ate every time we went out to eat together. Nothing special or fancy. We walked into McDonald's and got our food. We sat at a table and I told Wesley and Keaton about how Jeffree and Jayy wanted to move. 


"WHAT?!" Keaton shrieked, earning weird looks from people around us. 


"Be quiet, Keaton! But yes, both of them talked to me about it and I told them no." I said. 


"Where would they move?" Wesley asked. 


"Jeffree said Australia. There's no way I'm going that far away from you guys." I shook my head. 


"Did you tell that Mason kid? He acts like you're his mom." Wesley said. 


"I know, I'm not gonna say anything to him but I'll probably tell Kourtney and all them." I shrugged. 


"You can't leave though, you're like the fourth member of Emblem3." Keaton frowned. 


"Yeah. With you it's like, Embelm4. But without you, it's just Emblem3." Wesley said. 


"And we can't make more memories with you gone. It wouldn't be as much fun." Drew added. 


"Like when you guys got super drunk and go those stupid tattoos." Wesley laughed. When we were like 16 Drew got the symbol for the girls bathroom and I got the boys bathroom symbol. Like Wesley said, we were super drunk. 


"Yeah." I laughed. 


"And we practically watched that sleeve get put together." Keaton said. 


"Well, if you do leave, Keaton is flexible enough to fit in your suitcase. I don't know about me and Wes, though." Drew said. 


"True." I nodded, "But I'm not leaving." 


"Let's hope not." Keaton said. 

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