Back In LA

Electra Monroe. The adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. The best friend of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The babysitter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's kids. The girl who got a tattoo in first grade, now is in her junior year with 103 of them. The girl who grew up with Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick of Emblem3. The girl who gets attention from every boy in the school whose not to scared to talk to her. The girl every other girl wants to be. This was Electra's life. Before Australia. Back In LA


2. Chapter One

Electra's POV


"Hey, Sunshine." Jayy smiled at me. 


"Stop calling me." I glared at him. He knew he shouldn't be calling me that, he knew I didn't like it, but he liked getting me mad. My dad used to call me Sunshine and now I hate every time someone calls me Sunshine. Even the mention of my dad calling me that just triggers something and makes it feel like it was the day they told me my parents were dead. 


"When are you going to babysit those kids?" He asked. 


"Soon." I said, sitting on the couch next to him. I was bored so I decided to go get something for Mason and Penelope before I had to be there. I grabbed what Mason called 'The Magic Bag' because I would always have little gifts for him and Penelope when I went to babysit them which was a lot. I went to the store and got a bunch of snacks for us and a few movies. I check the time and I had ten minutes, which was perfect amount of time to walk there, since I hadn't passed my drivers test yet. 


"ELLA!" Mason screeched when I got there. He ran over and hugged my legs really tight because he was too short to reach any higher. 


"Hi, Mason." I smiled, ruffling his hair. 


"My hair!" He gasped and ran to the bathroom to fix it. Penelope was playing with her toys on the floor in the kitchen. 


"Hey, Electra." Scott smiled at me, walking into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Kourtney. 


"Hi." I returned the smile. 


"We'll be back around nine. Is that okay?" Kourtney asked. 


"Yeah, that fine." I nodded. Mason came back with his hair all fixed and climbed up on a stool at the island. Kourtney and Scott said goodbye to Mason, Penelope, and I and left.


"What did you bring today?" Mason asked. 


"Aperitivos," I told him. He could speak full Spanish and my mom had taught me Spanish when I was little so we liked talking to each other in Spanish. Penelope would give us weird looks cause she didn't quite understand yet.


"What else?" He asked eagerly. 


"Algunas películas; Buscando a Nemo, Blancanieves y El libro de la selva." I told him. 


"Yay!" Mason cheered. He poured a bag of chips into a bowl and I carried Penelope into the living room and she carried the jar of dip. 


"Which movie?" I asked. 


"El libro de la selva." He told me. Penelope nodded in agreement. I put in the movie and while it loaded a got a little bowl to break up some of the chips for Penelope so she didn't choke. We watched all the movies and when we were done it was almost dinnertime. 


"What do you guys want for dinner?" I asked as Snow White ended. 


"Espaguetis!" Mason yelled. 


"You want spaghetti too Penelope?" I asked her, picking her up and resting her on my hip. She nodded. Mason helped me by stirring the sauce so it didn't burn at the bottom of the pan, Penelope was playing a learning game on my iPad, and I made the spaghetti noodles. When everything was done I made our plates. 


"Penelope's noodles have to be cut up so she doesn't choke." Mason told me as I was cutting them. 


"That's right, Mason." I smiled. 

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