The Perfect Girl Daddy Thought I Was

Hey guys, I'm Madison Puckerman. The Daughter of Quinn Fabray and Noah "Puck" Puckerman. I'm their second daughter. But honestly, I'm not the daughter they thought I was. I'm more of the bad girl doing what most bad girls do. I'm not daddy's little angel anymore. I'm more like mom's worst nightmare if you ask me. Acting just like mom in high school when she died her hair pink and everything.


2. Chapter Two

Madison's POV


"What are we gonna do about our daughter, Puck?" I heard mom ask dad.

Dad sighed."I don't know. Send her to Rachel and Kurt's place in New York for the summer probably?" He suggested.

"Beth is way better than Madison. I don't know what's wrong with Madison, but she needs to start being good."

"Madison is still a good child, Quinn. She's not happy anymore, that's all."

"Is she depressed?" 

Dad didn't say anything but he probably nodded his head yes to mom's answer.

I sighed and walked down the stairs. They didn't know I dyed my hair pink and black last night after the talk I had with dad.

They soon looked at me after I stepped on to the last, noisy, step.

"Madison Nicole Puckerman! What in the world did you do to your hair?" Mom asked, looking upset.

"Dyed it." I simply said. No, you could say that I looked like mom when she dyed her hair the same colors when she was in high school because of what was happening.

Dad looked at me. Then at mom. "She's starting to become like you, Quinn. From when you were in high school, going through a change."

"Well, she better not smoke." Mom said and left the room.

I looked down."She hates me." I whispered.

"No she doesn't, Madison." Dad said, getting up and hugging me tightly."Now, how about we go and see Uncle Jake then Uncle Sam?" He asked.

I soon nodded my head, smiling brightly."That will be great, daddy."I said.

We left the house after ten minutes. It was quiet in the car, but dad soon put music on. And of course, it was Luke Bryan.

"Daddy, since when do you listen to Luke Bryan?" I asked him, giggling.

"Since you were 5 because you were in love with him at that age." He smiled.

I smiled."I still am, in fact, in love with him."

Dad smiled brightly and looked at the road.

I looked out of my window, looking at the houses we past. As I was doing that, I got a text message from my cousin, Alice Pukerman. "Hey Madison. You should come and hang out tonight at this party my boyfriend is having."

I replied back."That's if Uncle Jake and my dad lets us go."

Alice: "You have a point there. Are you and your dad coming over now?"

Me: "Yea, be there in like 10 minutes and we can talk more about this party. I'm probably gonna try and spend the night with you also after seeing Uncle Sam as well."

Dad looked at me while pulling into a gas station."Was that Alice?" He asked.

I nodded."Yup. She wanted me to spend the night." I told him.

"Well, I'll allow you too, then."

I smiled brightly.





After seeing Uncle Sam, as in Sam Evans, we went back to my house so I could get my stuff. 

After grabbing my stuff, dad and I drove back to Uncle Jake's house.

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