I Miss You

Kaitlynn and Ashton have been through hell and back in the seven years they've known each other. Especially since they started dating four months ago. Kaitlynn is a solo artist, Ashton's in a band. Some of Kaitlynn's fans don't like them together, some of Ashton's fans don't like them together, but the rest of their fans love them together. The fans who don't ship 'Ashlynn' say they liked them better as friends, but the shippers of 'Ashlynn' are saying they don't care as long as Kaitlynn and Ashton are happy. When she gets offered to go tour with a band, of all boys, and he starts his UK tour with Five Seconds Of Summer, she accepts it. But what will happen when Ashton gets jealous of how close Kaitlynn gets to one of them?


2. Prologue



Hello there, the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
We'll have Halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends

-Blink 182 'I Miss You'


"Hey, Kaity?" Ashton called me from the living room. 


"Yes?" I popped my head in the door of the living room. 


"I can't decided on Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo." Ashton frowned, holding up the movies to me. 


"Finding Nemo makes me cry, so Monsters Inc." I nodded. 


"Oh, I forgot." He giggled. 




"Ashton stop!" I laughed. 


"Not until you say it." He shook his head and tickled me more. 


"Okay, okay!" I laughed


"I'm waiting." He smiled.


"Ashton is, the sexiest, hottest best friend, in the whole, world." I said in between laughs.


"Thank you!" He stopped tickling me and sat on my legs so I was still laying on the floor 


"You're so weird, you know that?" I smiled. 


"You're so pretty, did you know that?" He asked, pinching my cheeks.




"Kaitybird!" Ashton yelled picking me up and spinning me around. He had just gotten back from touring with One Direction and the rest of his band. 


"Hi, Ashy." I giggled. He held me so it was like I was sitting on his arm. 


"Hey, Kaitlynn." Michael smiled at me. 


"Hi, skunk man." I giggled. 


"I'm a reverse skunk, thank you very much."


"Same difference." I shrugged. 


"So are you two dating yet?" Luke asked. 


"I know. That'd be cute and perfect." Calum smiled. 


"Aw, thanks guys." I giggled. 


"It'd only be cute cause Kaity'd make it cute." Ashton said.



Okay, so we're gonna be using songs, like real songs, and just say that they're Kaitlynn's songs since she's a solo artist. All rights go to the real owners of the songs and we're not trying to steal them, we're just using them in the story as her songs because it's just a lot easier. 


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