I Miss You

Kaitlynn and Ashton have been through hell and back in the seven years they've known each other. Especially since they started dating four months ago. Kaitlynn is a solo artist, Ashton's in a band. Some of Kaitlynn's fans don't like them together, some of Ashton's fans don't like them together, but the rest of their fans love them together. The fans who don't ship 'Ashlynn' say they liked them better as friends, but the shippers of 'Ashlynn' are saying they don't care as long as Kaitlynn and Ashton are happy. When she gets offered to go tour with a band, of all boys, and he starts his UK tour with Five Seconds Of Summer, she accepts it. But what will happen when Ashton gets jealous of how close Kaitlynn gets to one of them?


5. Chapter Three

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you,

even when you're fooling others.



"So you're really going on tour with thee Pierce The Veil?" Calum asked, "Like Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Jaime Preciado, and Tony Perry?" 


"What other Pierce The Veil do you know?" I laughed. 


"UGH, I'M SO JEALOUS!" Calum threw himself on the couch, crossed his arms, and pouted. 


"Stop pouting, you'll get to meet them and talk to them when we Face-Time." I told him. 


"REALLY?!" He yelled, a huge smile on his face. 


"Yes, really." I nodded.


"Yaaaaay!" He stood up and hugged me so tight I thought I might explode. 




"Oooooh, Mikeeeey!" I yelled, walking downstairs to find him in my kitchen eating marshmallows. 


"Hmmm?" He asked.


"Okay, first: don't fill up on marshmallows! We're going to get Macca's. That's the whole reason you came over." I told him, "Well, part of it."


"What's the other part?" He put the bag of marshmallows back in the cabinet and got a drink of water. 


"I have to tell you something very important and exciting." I smiled wide.


"Oh, God are you pregnant?" He asked. 


"No." I shook my head, "I'm going on tour-" 


"WITH US?!" He yelled. 


"No, with Pierce The Veil." I giggled, "Though going on tour with you guys would be pretty fun." 


"Really? Yay, that's great Kaity!" He hugged me real tight, "When are we going to have to dread saying goodbye?" He frowned. 


"Well, I leave the same day and time you guys do, just different flights to different places." I told him. 


"Well that seems easy." He shrugged. 


"Yeah. Now come on, let's go eat!" I grabbed my car keys. 


"I thought you'd never say that, but I'm driving." He smiled and took my keys.




"So, what do you need to talk about?" Luke asked when he got to my house. We went to the kitchen and I sat on the counter and he stood in front of me. 


"I have to tell you something important." I told him. 


"Did you and Ashton break up?" His eyes went wide. 


"No, why do you always think so negatively?" I laughed. 


"You're pregnant?" He asked. 


"No." I shook my head, laughing. 


"You're gonna die in a week?" He asked. 


"No! Stop thinking so negatively! But next week, I will be flying to San Diego." I told him. 


"That's where Pierce The Veil lives." He gasped. 


"I know."


"Why are you going there anyway?" He asked. 


"I'm going to be touring with them." I giggled. 


"OH EM GEE. NO WAY!" He yelled. 


"Yes way." I nodded. 


"Wow. That so amazing!" He smiled wide, "Does Ashton know?"




"So you guys didn't break up?"




"You aren't pregnant?" 




"You're not dying?"




"You're going on tour with Pierce The Veil?"


"That one." I giggled, poking his nose. 

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