I Miss You

Kaitlynn and Ashton have been through hell and back in the seven years they've known each other. Especially since they started dating four months ago. Kaitlynn is a solo artist, Ashton's in a band. Some of Kaitlynn's fans don't like them together, some of Ashton's fans don't like them together, but the rest of their fans love them together. The fans who don't ship 'Ashlynn' say they liked them better as friends, but the shippers of 'Ashlynn' are saying they don't care as long as Kaitlynn and Ashton are happy. When she gets offered to go tour with a band, of all boys, and he starts his UK tour with Five Seconds Of Summer, she accepts it. But what will happen when Ashton gets jealous of how close Kaitlynn gets to one of them?


10. Chapter Eight

Friend, noun.

Someone who listens, doesn't judge, and somehow makes everything alright


There was one more day until we all left so we decided to hang out together. 


"Kaaaaaaitlyyyyyynn, I'm hungry." Michael whined. 


"Okay." I said. 


"Can we make cake?!" Luke yelled. 


"Sure." I giggled. We all went to the kitchen and I found cake mix. We measured everything out and mixed it together. We poured it into a pan and put it in the oven. 


"How long do we have to wait?" Calum asked. 


"About twenty to thirty minutes." I told him. 


"Ugh, that's a loooong time." Michael complained. 


"Well, we'll find something to do that will make the time go by faster." I said. 


"Can we watch penguins on the discovery channel?" Luke asked. 


"Um..." I gave him a weird look. 


"This is a serious question." He said.


"Sure, go ahead." I giggled. 


"But, who's gonna watch it with me?" Luke frowned. 


"The invisible man will watch it with you." Ashton laughed. 


"No one believes in the invisible man anymore, Ash-ton." Luke narrowed his eyes at him. 


"Stop being sassy and go watch your penguins." I shooed him. 




So, today was finally the day when we would be leaving. We were at the airport waiting to for our flights to be called. 


"I'm gonna miss you a lot." Ashton frowned, burying his head into my back. I was sitting on his lap and the other boys were at the food court stuffing their faces until it was time to go. 


"I'm gonna miss you too, baby." I sighed, kissing his forehead. 


"But at least we'll still be able to talk." He said. 


"Yep." I nodded as my flight got called. I stood up, so did Ashton. 


"I guess you have to go now." He poked out his bottom lip.


"Yes." I smiled at him. He leaned down and kissed my lips. 


"Call me when you land?" He asked. 


"I will." I nodded as the other boys ran over and nearly knocked me over trying to hug me goodbye. 


"Byyyyye, Kaaaaaityyyy." They said in unison. 


"Bye guys." I giggled, "I better get going before I miss my flight." 


"Right." Calum nodded as they let go. Ashton kissed me one last time and I hugged them all once more. We said goodbye as their flight got called and we went our separate ways. I found my seat on the plane and plugged in my headphones. 



Hi! Sorry we haven't updated in a while! We've been really busy, but we're trying our best! Anyways, hope you like this chapter. There will be more to come! 


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