Familiar face

I remember those grey eyes and dirty blonde hair but from where.....?????


3. 3

Nialls Pov

I had no idea where i had seen her from but a voice inside my head told me to get her.

Madisons Pov

I know those blue eyes, i just do. I have no idea where from though, ugh thus was going to be bothering me. Suddenly i was interrupted from my thoughts and brought back to reality." Hey love" there he was standing right infront of me i grabbed my locket that was in my pocket, ready to open it and inleash the celestial bronze sword. " would you like to come home with us love" he said i said nothing just staring into those crystal blue eyes. "You alright" he asked "Ya...yea im fine" i managed to spit out still keeping my grey eyes locked on him. "Well pack ur bags ur coming home with us".

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