child hood love

this story will have both one direction and hunger games in it!!! hope you like it!!! haha jk i hope u LOVE it!!!


1. in the past

jenna's p.o.v. 


Today is my first day of school. I am so excited to be a big kid. I have on my purple flower dress, with the sparkles on it and my black flats. Mommy did my hair, she curled my thick brown hair into perfect ringlets. Then she clipped my hair back with a white bow. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of my favorite cereal, which of course was lucky charms. "Jenna go get your backpack and meet me in the car honey," mommy said


* kindergarten room*


I didn't want her to leave, I wouldn't let her leave! I know Im supposed to start being a big girl today, but how could I. It has always been just me and my mom and Im afraid that if i let her leave me she'll never come back like daddy. I missed daddy, he told me that he was gonna come back one day when I was a big girl. But I guess daddy didn't have time. I guess i cant blame him though, daddy's got a lot on his plate. He has another family with another little girl and a boy he has to take care of. So I guess I can't blame him! 


"Hello kids Im Mrs.Robinson, I hope your all excited for kindergarten because I have a lot planned for this year." "Ok kids for our first activity im going to split you up into groups of two. You will then draw a picture of what your favorite things are. Such as your favorite color and your favorite animal," Mrs.Robinson said. "Ok: Billy your with Chloie, Jamie your with Taylor, Lexi with John, Ajah with Carly, TJ with Isabelle, and Jenna with Louis." 

"Hi im Jenna," I said. "Hello Im Louis," he said. I started to draw. I drew my mommy, purple smiley faces, a puppy, a swimming pool, and wrote down the word family in rainbow. I looked over at Louis's to see him drawing almost the same things as me, only he also had a skateboard and a monster truck. We talked the rest of the time. 

Later when mommy came to pick me up I didn't want to leave and it looked as though Louis didn't want to either. So our moms let us have a sleepover, we went to his house because I figured he didn't want to play with barbies. We made up plays and dressed up to show them to his mom. she just laughed at us and said it was great. We made a fort and wouldn't come out for the rest of the night, we even got to eat in there. Since then we have been best friends. 




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