Blurred lines

Tow BFF ore just in high school having a good time living the teen life


3. what is going on


So me and Avril get to school and put are stuff in our locker. "Where is Zac" I say to here. We hear the word fight fight fight. I run as fast as I can. "ZAC" I yelled. I push the other guy away and say "now if you want to get to him you'll have to get through me" and then a whole bunch of his friends come in to help. I run over to him and give him a huge kiss. "Are you okay we need to call an ambulance" I say. Soon enough the ambulance comes.

I ride with him to the hospital. When we get there I go to the room with him. The nurse says to me I have to go. "NO" I say "NO. ZAC I LOVE YOU" I say as the nurses pull me away. They close the door and sit me Down I'm crying now. "Is he going to be alright" I say. "He will be fine" she says. They walk away and I go home.

Sorry this chapter is short there is a surprise in the next chapter

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