Blurred lines

Tow BFF ore just in high school having a good time living the teen life


2. the BFF


Hi my name is Myckayla. I am 16 years young. I have dirty dirty blonde hair with blonde strikes in my hair.

I am at my boyfriend house. Oh and did I mention, he's a BIG keeper. We start making out. After a few minutes my mom gets here to pick me up. It is a silent ride home until my mom brakes the silence.

"So I got a call from your teacher". What did he have to say I wonder. "He said that your marks are low and it is gymnastics is in the way." "NO NOT GYMNASTICS ". "And your boyfriend too". We get home. Finally. I storm out of the car. I look at here with a rude look on my face. I slam the car door shut. "I HATE YOU!!!! " I say to her.

I go up to my room and text my boyfriend.

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