My life today is not My life yesterday

Yesterday; it was all the usual Today; everything is different and new but most of all adventurous.
My book is creative and i hope you will be inspired and like the book. I hope to be a writer one day, hope you enjoy.


6. the next day

June 6th 2012

Today, i don't want to talk about it but i have to cause i bought this journal to scream and shout and again as they said let it all out. so this is what happened, i went to school this morning and the girl i hit in the nose had a bandage on her nose i went up and said I'm so sorry about that but it was funny, she said its ok I'm acutely happy you hit me, huh am i crazy or did you just say that. your not crazy my parents said i could get a nose job, so thanks so much i owe you. thats what happened i don't know but i think everyday something new happens witch isn't like old times you know old times as in the usual but i don't think the usual is going to happen again. write to you soon valerie.

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