My life today is not My life yesterday

Yesterday; it was all the usual Today; everything is different and new but most of all adventurous.
My book is creative and i hope you will be inspired and like the book. I hope to be a writer one day, hope you enjoy.


2. Its too hard

June 2nd 2012, 

Today, it was even harder. i don't understand why me? why am i the one who can't join clubs because of the rumours everyone is saying and is spreading even farther and farther and farther. I MEAN WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry its just so hard to live with i mean before bullying started i was captain of the photography club now I'm the you can't join your a loser and if a loser is in my club then were all considered losers so were kicking you out. i was in choir and a teacher is even kicking me out or even kicked me out. People think they have to follow populars to be cool and do what the populars do and its cause of that and of the rumours i don't have friends anymore. I mean what kind of sick people think its fun to bully and possibly make people go suicide. i wish there was someone who understands what I'm going through and someone who will be my friend and not go behind my back. theres someone out there hopefully and I'm hoping when i get into high school everything will be different oh yeah you don't know but I'm in grade seven i started being bullied this year. and I'm scared to see how far its going to be till it stops. write to you soon. Valerie

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